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ever met someone famous ?????? - Carers UK Forum

ever met someone famous ??????

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just last week as we commemorated the 100 anniversary of WW1 in Belgium EDDY MERCKX was lucky enough to meet my mother reluctantly she posed for a photo with him ...
I think he should have felt extremely honoured that your Mam let him have his picture taken with her.
Met a few over the years. More so since Mike got interested in meeting sci-fi stars: he's met Colin Baker, Lalla Ward, Paul McGann, John Leeson (voice of K9) and Catrin Stewart (Jenny - the maid in Dr Who). He's also met Shane Rimmer (voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds among other things), Dan Starkey (Strax - the Sontaran in Dr Who), and Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks and Cybermen).

He doesn't remember it but we met Jane Asher at an autism event about 14 years ago, and David Tomlinson (who had a son with autism) shortly before he died.
I didn't know that about David Tomlinson,Charles.Ben would be envious of Mike meeting all those Dr Who stars!
I met Pat Phoenix in 1969(Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street).She opened our street party for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales.
I also met the Group "The Real Thing," as a teenager when they stayed at a friend's mother's small hotel.
My son has met a few snooker players,Dominic Dale and Joe Swail were fantastic and he was allowed to carry their cues for them.He went on the bus with them to a tournament. Willie Thorne and Matthews Stevens were also there and he met them.He has photos with them all, and they take pride of place for him.
My son also sat in an Aston Martin DB something or other, that was supposed to have been used in a James Bond film.(Cars of the Stars museum in the Lake District).To him, that was as good as meeting anyone famous!
when i was a motorcycle courier in london ,i delivered to a few famous people .
rowan atkinson
tom courtney
albert finney
john alderton.
just to see a lot of famous people around the west end .
i once saw stephen fry and kenneth branagh talking outside the bfi
my mate said he almost ran over fred barker who used to work with ollie beak
he said he swore at him :D
Tony and Cherie Blair - at No 10 Downing St at a reception organised by Carers UK shortly after the 1997 election. They were very show-biz.
I'm waiting for someone to say they've met me...
here is a clip that shows david c in action when he was a courier :D
only joking ,but it is nearer to the truth that you would think :D
Back in the dark ages (otherwise known as the Thatcher Years :D ), I and a work colleague were asked to do a TV interview on breakfast telly. It was with Anne Diamond and the late MP Teddy Taylor was in the "opposing" corner.

Many years later, I was quite heavily involved in a national charity (I was a carer by this point) and was asked if I would like to attend some ceremony (can't remember what it was!!) where Princess Anne would be present. As someone who isn't impressed by royalty, I said no. I later heard that a request had gone out for a child in a wheelchair, obviously for the "how sad" factor. It quite frankly infuriated me and I'm glad had no part of it.

You may have guessed that "famous" people don't impress me much!! :lol: