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I remember watching the Eurovision Song Contest when I was young....used to always go to Miss Daisey and Uncle Bills' house. We would all sit around together and I usually had a packet of chocolate digestives to dunk in a glass of water (didn't like tea!). loved it and followed it all my life, bought the DVDs and downloaded loads of songs over the years BUT am I just getting old and miserable or does anyone else think it has "lost" that something that made it so special?

Gone are the days of Boom Bang a Bang!!!

Bell x
Sorry Bell but I've never been a fan of Eurovision - too staged and too much vote rigging going on :ohmy:

Caught 5 minutes of it last night - by mistake as I was channel hopping - and that was enough :lol: :lol: :lol:

I heard on the news this morning that an Austrian transvestite with a beard won - is that right :unsure: :ohmy: :huh: :dry: :silly:
Yes, and we all saw that coming. ;)

Or maybe it was the tight dress... :blink:
Remember the old days when going barefoot was thought revolutionary?
I used to love the Eurovision especially when Johnny Logan won, he was gorgeous but I havent watched it for years, I have seen who won and all I can say is why??

I watched BGT and thought the 2 young lads were brilliant but what a fix they are already recording artists and have a management company!
What a load of rubbish, all political...........I do not see the point in it at all.
Like you Bell, I used to watch it when I was a little girl. I was allowed to stay up for a bit to watch it.

But since being an adult ... not at all keen.

Plus, it meant there was no Casualty on!

Hi I remember being allowed to stay up and watch the eurovision it was such a treat. We watch it last night just for a laugh. Well done molly. Shame we did not get better marks. But its a huge effort for being there. regards amandah
When I was a kid, the excitement on Eurovision night almost matched the excitement of the Miss World night. Followed closely by the Royal Variety Performance. Just goes to show that we were either easily pleased or, more likely, we had such little TV back then compared to now that those kind of "spectacle" programmes were a special event. The Eurovision seemed to go downhill after Abba - didn't do them any harm though!
Haven't watched it for years now. I do remember Cliff Richard coming second in 1968 with ''Congratulations'' and Lulu with ''Boom Bang a Bang'' and that group named after a drink?? Bucks Fizz.

Also that year we got Nil Points and it ruined the career of the band. Everyone cancelled them even though they knew they were good. Pathetic, so we never watched it at all after that fiasco. :angry: