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World Down Syndrome Day 2017
On Saturday the 1st of April UPSIDEOFDOWN a local support group for Parents and carers of children and Youngsters with Down Syndrome organised a celebration day to mark World Down Syndrome Day 2017 which is celebrated every year around the world on the 21st of March. It represents the Extra Chromosome 21 that people with Down Syndrome have.
The Down Syndrome Association is the National Organisation supporting this group of people through research and information
Mr Ally and Victoria the organisers of UpsideOfDown have been doing such activities for many years. Ally is also a member of the DSA and an Ambassador for CarersUk.
The Rt Hon Stephen Timms and Councillor Jose Alexander attended the event. Ally’s son Bashir who is 23 has both Down syndrome and Autism. The event was well attended by both parents and carers who travelled as far as Coventry, Feltham and Hounslow this year.
Entertainment was provided by Betina from ‘Paracarnival’. The VIP’s were very impressed by the turn out and the effort that the organisers had made to put such a brilliant event on. The refreshments were more than adequate for everyone and very tasty too. A beautiful cake was specially made for the occasion. This was a big opportunity for parents and carers to meet and share experiences and network with each other. Both Mr. Timms and Mr. Jose Alexander offered to support UpsideOfDown in its aims and mission.
The parents and children left the event very happy and relaxed. Lots of positive feedback has been received by the organisers. Ally would like to thank his wife and all the parents and friends who helped to make this event a great success. A special thanks to Tesco Upton Park for their support also.
Future events will be announced soon.
To contact organisers go on their website at www.upsideofdowns.org.uk