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Theft of books and or keys - Carers UK Forum

Theft of books and or keys

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Feeling sick inside as realise some books have been stolen. I had some reginmental family books quite rare and go for a lot of money on ebay , also a local history book or two that were very old and collectable.
I seem to have also properly lost a set of car keys.

As I've been doing teh house up I've had a few tradespeople through the door, a couple I would completely trust and then that leaves 5 suspects, the first had a self confessed interest in history and the next prime suspects are 2 carpet fitters who co incide with when I lost the keys and had the opportunity as the room where the books were is normally occupied by Fang.

Feel sick inside that I have allowed them to be stolen. Following a string of silly things that have gone missing like a smokers pipe (lifted by plumber or carers) , milk jug and tray that disappeared when all the carers were here, I am left thinking I either need to sell what I have left by way of collectables or turn the house into Fort Knox, not easy when I am about to let a room out!

I am dispairing of humanity at the moment. :angry:
Oh, Henrietta, the keys definitely have got moved/hidden during the renovations? Books would be harder to lose, however ...

How galling.

Hi Melly
It has been well over a week and the keys may have been mislaid but the books I am fairly certain have walked. They were in the one room that hasn't been turned around and I have not emptied the book cases. They have been occupying the same spot pretty much for the last 60 years! Someone must have known they had value, so either time to browse at leisure or some specialist knowledge. I did have a decorator with an interest in military history but perhaps an unlikely suspect given that I knew that. More likely the 2 recent carpet fitters because I think they had opportunity as I and both dogs remained in the back room during the hall carpet being fitted. Car keys and books were easy to lift.
I feel so cross - over the years I had Grandma's fruit bowl stolen, Dad's pipe stolen, Grandad's books stolen, mum's jewellery box turned over. I think I have given up on the concept of keeping anything sentimental. I seem to hang on to things as objects for decades and then someone else wanders off and pockets their monetary value.
Sorry for rambling on- nothing whatever to do with care really other than having to put trust in outsiders as in none family members when there is no one here besides me to guard the fort. It must happened either when I took Fang for his walk or as above.
I'm so sad and angry for you. I'm not even sure what to advice. Would the lowlife actually sell the books on eBay.? Just as you are beginning to adjust to a different way of life you have this kick in the teeth.
((( Hugs)))
I have a saved search for similar books anyway so if they did try I would get an email anyway
Sounds like at least one secure locked cabinet for remaining valuables, especially with a lodger in the house. Am sure they will be fine but not worth the worry.

Have you reported to to police? Or thought about claiming in house insurance?

I've just had a free DNA marking kit from our local police. Property is marked with a tiny microdot so it can be proved its ours. Lots of forces have them for giving out, might be worth asking or paying for one.
Yes I have lockable cupboard now- after the horse has bolted.
I couldn;t report it or claim on insurance, not sure of exact title, or exact dat eit went missing and would never find another one to get market value.
If it's a specialist rare book, there may well be a limited 'sell on' market for the thief, ie, specialist book stores etc, so it might be worth ringing round and warning them that they may be offered a stolen copy. Buying stolen goods is not, I think, illegal in itself (if you don't know they are stolen that is!), but I don't think the buyer has a legal right to keep them - they have to be returned to the legal owner, you, so if they turn up, you would, I think, be entitled to get them back!

Absolutely horrible that tradesmen etc will have stolen things from your house - sadly, it may be one of the 'downsides' of being a 'sole woman living alone'.....

(I used to be worried that my MIL used a cleaning agency, as she had some nice 'bits and pieces' on shelves and so on, eg, photos in silver frames.....as she was elderly, in her eighties, and they were 'young things' I was worried they might 'help themselves'. She said she followed them around as they cleaned, so hopefully nothing did go missing - or they were honest!)

(I can remember, with my husband, going into an antiques shop that sold, upstairs, old maps and things - we were looking for 'interesting things' to hang on the walls of the house we'd moved into. The owner kept following us around, and I was a bit irritated, as we browsed through display boxes of prints and maps and so on, and assumed she was going to be 'pestering us' to buy....but after wards my husband said 'She thought we were going to nick things, dimwit!'....I had NO idea!!!)

(also, more hilariously, I was once shopping in my - very upmarket! - Home Counties town, looking for an evening gown to wear for the fundraising ball my son's school were holding, and the - also very upmarket - frockshop had an upstairs floor. I trailled up there, desperately looking for something in my size - anything at all! - and again, noticed that the saleswoman had come upstairs after me, and was rather obviously sorting out clothes on a rack at the far end....that time I actually twigged that she thought I might be nicking stuff - I happened to be looking like a complete Bag Lady at the time, and was NOT like what I assume their usual clientele looked like!)
I remember experiencing a couple of incidents like that when I was going through a particularly bad spell of the hot flushes. I remember being trailed around the Lakeland store by a sales assistant to the point where I felt that I must have an invisible swag bag over my shoulder. Similarly in a supermarket I remember being trailed as a Marked person. I think being hot and flushed must equate with being guilty of something if you have never been through menopause! Of course realising that you are being watched does nothing to help the hot fluches!!!
Henrietta, speaking of 'looking dodgy' (!), do you remember that newspaper story about a woman in Waitrose who was trailled and, indeed, I think, nicked for shoplifting. The story reported that the Waitrose staff had been suspicious of her from the off as she had a hagged face and hair scraped back in a greasy ponytail or whatever, and they thought she did not look like the 'usual kind of Waitrose shopper'....FAR too chavvy!!!!!!!

(In a way, it's so sad, whenever you see folk on the Jeremy Kyle show, just how 'different' they look....either overweight or over skinny, tattooed, shaven headed or indeed that dire scraped back ponytail look.....they seem so dreadfully 'unhealthy', and I guess that is, indeed, the main problem - that at the bottom of the social pile, ill health and poverty-stricken lifestyles do, grimly, leave their visible mark. I want to pack them all off to a health farm for a month, to see if they can look healthier at the end of it!)

(By the same token, at completely the opposite end of the social spectrum, I once had occasion to have tea at Claridges - it was my friend looking after her father with dementia, and she organised a lovely treat for him and his grandchildren, and a few of my friend's best chums - including me! - for his 90th b/day - Claridges, by the way, could NOT have been nicer! - but my point is that when I looked around at the 'real' guests there, they were, yet again, visibly 'different', even from me in my posh best outfit. There was a kind of 'sheen' over them, with immaculate coiffed hair, and beautifully tailored clothes and so on....the rich really are 'different' it seems. No amount of me trying to look the same would work.....)(But hey, at least I found it easier to look like I was someone off the Jeremy Kyle show when I was trying to find that posh frock in the posh frock shop!!!! :) :) )

PS - for the record, I defend the JK show - yes, sometimes it's just a hideous circus of people yelling 'You slag!' at each other or whatever (hmm, I think that's from East Enders, isn't it?!), but it can reduce me to tears when he gets reconciliation between them, it can be incredibly moving and 'life-affirming'....)