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DVLA Scam email. - Carers UK Forum

DVLA Scam email.

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Hi, just had an email pretending to be from the DVLA ,it said it is a final demand ,doesn't say which vehicle it concerns .
Been trying to report it to DVLA ,their website sends you round in circles .
Yes, I had one too, but I pay mine monthly now, so I knew it wasn't true. I tried to ring them up to tell them, ended up with an extension that said something like the following
"If you are trying to talk to us about a fraudulent email, don't bother, we know about them already and are onto them".
I've run into that exasperating impossibly difficult to report business! I tried to report phone calls from someone telling me they were HMRC and I had overdue arrears or whatever it was.....and it was just about impossible to report them without filling in some ludicrously lengthy and time consuming and very largely utterly irrelevant form online.

There should be an email address you can send to, just saying what the scam is, or, in the case of an email scam, just to forward the scamming email to them.

It's no good them saying 'oh, we know about it' ...the point is they need to know the SCALE of the scamming. If we don't report it every time, they can't know how prevalent it is. Plus, the emails may after all be traceable, and the phone calls too, for all I know.

Another scam is to phone people up and say they are phoning about the accident they've had in their Ford car, or whatever.....
I'm pretty sure the DVLA website has page where you can check if your car is taxed - you key in the car reg and it says. So any 'final demand' stuff is just silly. (It can take a few days for payment to 'show up' however, so if you pay online, it can still say 'untaxed' etc for a day or two)

You can find out it ifs insured, and MOTd as well (different sites for each)
I regularly get scam emails purporting to be from HMRC telling me I've got a tax rebate due of £xxx.

As I've been self employed for all of my working life and done my own tax returns for the last 30 years I'm well up to speed with regard to any rebates due, and they're always paid direct into my bank account.

If you're on PAYE and not used to dealing with your own tax stuff I'd say check with whoever pays your wages or with HMRC.