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Don't forget your pets in the run up to Christmas. - Carers UK Forum

Don't forget your pets in the run up to Christmas.

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I know a lot of people on this forum are going through difficult times but please make sure your pets are looked after especially in the run up to Christmas as they are likely to be under stress as well.
Dougal our dog is still gazing in to space occasionally and I think he is remembering Dad.
Dougal will get some sort of Christmas treat on Christmas day but the main thing is we will make sure he is fed, given water and walked if it is not dangerous outside. I am sure he will accept a present at any time.

My pet turkey is very well fed, thankyou. He has a little seasonal surprise coming!
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Brian, well we have big probs over the winter months with one of our staffies, mainly starts with fireworks, we only take her for walks during daylight, and then depending on how she is,at xmas she does enjoy opening pressies and the other dog is there to retrive Image , extra visits from family and more of our company, they enjoy turkey dinner, years ago she used to sit "gaurding" on xmas eve when turkey was cooking and used to get the first piece for her duty. Flaming thunder and lightning before, so shes stressed and in the corner, she will be nine in a few weeks, but a lovely old lady with no signs of slowing down,we had a health scare in the summer but results were ok Image , just awful to see her suffer as bonfire night can carry on for weeks, then new year and chinese new year ... and another thing we don't put dog pressies under the tree, came back one day they were all opened and quite a few munched Image Image little buggas........ take care Brian...............mand
Hi Mand65

Some years ago fireworks went off very unexpectedly near us in the afternoon at about 3pm.
It was a dull afternoon but not dark.
Our dog was in the garden and was shaking and not moving. I took his lead out and tried to walk him in and he would not move.
I was a little bit nurvous he might bite but I took the risk and picked him up.
He was shaking in my arms but soon after I got him in he stopped and gave me a bit of love.
About 10 minutes later he fetched his ball and wanted to play.

You both like might to try an Adaptil diffuser - http://www.adaptil.co.uk/

It's the canine equivalent of the Feliway diffuser for cats - I've used Feliway with my cat on numerous occasions from moving house to firework night and it's been very successful. You can buy it from good pet shops or from your local vet.
Hi susieq

Thank you for the suggestion and I will keep the link.
Dougal seems to be happier as long as he is with me or another member of the family when fireworks are going off.
Oddly he seems more calm if he can see out of the window probably because he can see his home is not being damaged but he did get upset when a firework landed in his garden. This happenrd twice last year but it has not happened so far this year.
My daughters dogs are the same.
Really I think the owner knows his dog and on compromise I think it is best for Dougal if he does not go in a cage or den.
Dougal is 7 now and the chances are I will outlive him.
I dont like to have to say this but another dog is likely to come at some point and a den and spray etc may suit him.
I do take him for a walk before the fireworks are expected and another in the garden just before bed time when most of the fireworks have gone and he has been ok.