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Does anyone's paid carers workers record their logs on phone - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Does anyone's paid carers workers record their logs on phone

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The care agency we have use a phone...I have a list of issues with this.

1) neither us nor other health professionals can access it so there is no communication with GP, District Nurse, me, paramedics etc should the need arise delaying or even leading to the wrong treatment.

2) other health professionals should not have to pay £8 a month to access these records and neither should it fall to the client to pay either

3) in this area we get a lot of carers addicted to their phones and I am sick of finding carers texting and playing on phones while caree sits naked and cold halfway through a shower

4) its not a full care plan just "pointers" which leads to a lot of issues with things like "but it did not say dry before dressing after shower" (because everyone gets dressed wet!) Etc

5) they can clock watch too easily and will rush to leave early rather than fulfilling all tasks.

I could go on but the experience is a negative one...is there anything good about the system?
When my dad was alive and we had the extra help of carers from the private company the council used.
they would have to fill out the paperwork in a folder , and also text there boss when they arrived and when they were leaving.
that then changed , to they had to ring there work when arrived , and call there work when they were leaving , and state what they had done . then leave a note in the paperwork for the next carer to tell them what they had to do , or not do , or if anything had changed or if a dr had been called out .
When I start working at a care company in the office- I am going to insist on accurate record keeping. I was talking to a close childhood friend who works at a local care company yesterday and she said they use their company phones now instead of filling out paperwork.

This is fine but I want to be honest. I am going to ask staff to send either the client or a parent/family member a mini summary of what happened during the session via email. Or hand them a handwritten short note at the end of the session.

The care provider in question used to sign record sheets describing what they had done with their clients but sheets frequently went missing. So they went paperless which is good for the environment. Now the service user has to sign with their thumbprint to confirm they understand. No more waste of good trees either. The file was massive as they had lots of service users and staff. That was hard on staff. They were expected to lug that file to the office every month.

I understand your fears but can you ask them for a summary to be sent to you via email? Perhaps that would allay your fears?