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Does anyone's paid carers workers record their logs on phone - Carers UK Forum

Does anyone's paid carers workers record their logs on phone

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I've worked for a very good care company since I bagan caring for my Dad and have come across several others along the way from both sides of the fence and all have recorded their daily reports in client folder for clients to view. My employer is now using a mobile phone app not visible to client unless they choose to log in on line and has gone paperless (due to new management).
Anyone else come across this ?
Hi H.

A real forest full of different trees out there when it comes to results from an Internet search ... CARE WORKERS LOG KEEPING -

https://www.google.com/search?q=care+wo ... =firefox-b

Are you seeking a practical ( Client not online and no mobile phone ? ) or legal answer ?

I'll then try to find that Stewartia tree hiding in the forest.

( Internet search ... CARE WORKERS RECORD KEEPING LEGAL REQUIREMENTS ... seems favourite ... a different forest ? )

Only one that comes close so far is guidance from the Foster Care network.

Might even give UNISON the priviledge of having me visiting their web site.


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/search?k ... mit=Search
When I was caring for Mum and when she had care assistants coming in to help her wash/dress etc (after knee surgery) they did log in and log out via their phone app - but they still recorded their times and what they did on the paper record that was kept in Mum's house.

Like somebody else has said elsewhere today - what about those people without access to a computer or the internet ? How can they keep check without a paper record ? I'm thinking especially about the elderly, most of whom wouldn't know a phone app if it up and bit them :o
Yep ... Susie make a good point ... system open to abuse by those who seek to profit by it.

" Sorry luv , flying visit today , only 10 minutes. Be a good girl and sign the usual for me ( Time sheet ... 45 minutes ) "

Client will be invoiced for 45 minutes ... none the wiser ... unless someone like AGE UK takes a direct interest ?

( Over 1 MILLION senior citizens live alone in 2019 ... me included ... AGE UK. )

Phone ? I haven't plugged mine in for years ... who would want to phone me ???
Our carers log in and out with their phone, and usually write up their notes on their phones or tablets etc. before leaving, (that's usually to fill their 45 minute time slot as the wife will be on the commode by then and not finished within their 45 minutes). I've never needed or wanted to see their notes, but I feel sure that I'd have access to them if I asked.

I'm that confident about how good they are that I'll even give them a plug for anyone in my area:- https://www.goodoakshomecare.co.uk/newforest/about/


I understand that in Hampshire staff have to log in and out to a special phone number, on the client's phone, but it doesn't cost the client any money.
There is a move towards computerised records, M's providers leave a laptop permanently at his flat, on what used to be his dining table, now more like an office desk - so he now eats at another table!!! (Yes, it's on my list of things to tackle, and apparently he is telling staff himself now, which is good).

Unfortunately, I don't know how to log onto their laptop!
They do leave a paper record too, of sorts. They write sentences where a smiley face would do. I'd prefer them to take him for walks in the New Forest (on his doorstep) than write so much waffle!
BB, maybe that's another issue to " suggest". That you have the password for Ms records. They cannot say its breaching confidentiality, because there should be a password for only his own records. Or, when the daily records are completed your name is cut into your email address? There is a simple solution, but, will it be too complicated for them! I'm no whizz kid regarding technology, but worked out, without much of a problem, how to send the yearly statements to office of public guardian.
Thanks for all responses. It seems I have a sort of pioneering employer going the extra mile to reduce managing paperwork etc. We have to do the log in /out bit on separate mobile phone app but I totally agree that records should be available with the client for authorised family/POA, client, GP D/N, Paramedics etc to have access to.
Your welcome.

In CarerLand , even a simple question does not get a simple answer ?

Even worse when said question starts with the word WHY ?