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Does anyone else...............

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Put something in a safe place never to be seen again. Need the key for the cabinet I keep my wool in, and it's not where I thought it was, I am guessing it was put in "one of those" safe places. :angry:
Did this yesterday hunted high and low for the power screwdriver not in the tool box. No in my spare bedroom still not sure how it got there. Hope you find the key for the wool cabinet as knitting and crochet are among the the things that keep me sane. Well I think I'm sane not sure family would agree. :lol: :lol:
I found it eventually, tucked in the corner of the drawer that's part of the cabinet, it's the first place I looked, but it was tucked up in some patterns!!!!!!!!!! I went back to the cabinet AFTER I'd looked in other places and emptied the drawer and there it was..... :angry: :lol:
I'm sure these thjngs go on bolidzy. I KNOW I've looked there already, so it must have gone on holiday and will be back shortly. Otherwise I take the view that it's a sign to say it's time I did some housework!
Yes, they must pack up their little bag and pootle off to the seaside for a while............lucky devils!!!!!!!!!!!
I hunted the house high and low for my glasses only to be told by hubby they are on your head - which they were. Numpty!

Oh yes! The elusive, "somewhere safe." When I was at college, I ended up having a box called my, "somewhere safe box." At least I only had to look for things in one place!

I've lost things for years, occasionally finding them in the most unusual places when having a clear out.

I'm overdue - there's a long list of long lost "in a safe place" items...
My "safe place" could be at my house OR my mums! I firmly believe there is a kitchen scissor fairy who steals them when I am not looking ...
I don't know anything about "kitchen scissor fairies", but I married a "pen fairy"...