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Mother inlaw has cancer

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Found out two week ago mother inlaw has cancer
Sorry to hear that but it's certainly not always a death sentence Tracie. It depends on the type, size of tumour, if there is spread somewhere else.. There are lots of variables.
We are back at hospital tomorrow.
Mother inlaw has grade three kidney cancer,kidney has to come out.
Tracie, if the cancer hasn't spread beyond the region of the kidney (and at stage three it should not have)(have they scanned her lungs and liver by the way? I would assume they have!), then all that needs to be done is to have her tumourous kidney removed. (Stage three will be quite a large tumour, but not impossible to remove completely usually!)

If her other kidney is still functioning well, she will be fine with only one working kidney.

The operation will probably be carried out as an 'open' nephrectomy - ie, not keyhole (though they might manage keyhole!), and she'll be in hospital about a week or so, depending on her level of health overall. If her heart and lungs are generally healthy, she'll be fine with anesthetic.

Recovery time at home is about a month to six weeks, and she'll have nurses sent in to check the wound (on her back) and stitches etc. She'll be encourage to get up and walk around, and gradually increase her mobility and exercise. (If they can do keyhole, recovery time is only about a fortnight or so, depending on her overall health)

They'll probably give her a scan in a couple of months time or so, to see what the 'inside' looks like, and to check if there is any 'left over cancer' showing up anywhere else in the body.

Cancer spreads as you know into the bloodstream and the tumour cells can be carried to other places (often the lungs and the liver) (this is stage IV). Even with the kidney out, there may already be some circulating tumour cells, that may start to 'nest' in the lungs in the months or years to come - but they may not! That's why they do the scans to check if there are any other tiny tumours starting up elsewhere (sometimes they grow back where the kidney was taken out, but not that often). Kidney cancer, however, is generally slow growing (the lovely medical term is 'indolent'!!!) , and very often patients can go for years, or even the rest of their natural lives, without any relapse.

However, the good news is that even if such tiny tumours to start showing up, these days stage IV kidney cancer is very treatable with a new generation of drugs (expensive - but now usually available on the NHS, at least for a while!).

There are some very good information sites available on kidney cancer if you want to find out more.
Yes it's not spread anywhere else but had two skin cancers removed.
Tracie, kidney cancer can cause small 'skin tumours' though it's quite unusual. The biopsy should show whether the skin cancers come from the kidney originally, or are 'true' skin cancers that have developed independently. Although it seems really 'unfair' (!!!), it is possible to have more than one kind of cancer alas.

All the best for your MIL - Jenny

PS - weirdly, kidney cancer and melanoma ('true' skin cancer, as opposed to the non-invasive basal and squamous skin cancer), are somewhat similar. I don't know why! They both can respond to immunotherapy, which is quite a specialised kind of drug treatment. Radiation treatment doesn't tend to work on kidney cancer by the way (it's because it's 'slow growing' apparently, from what I understand.)
It was a skin cancer nothing to do with this