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Doctor Who 2015

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The recent series of Doctor Who came to an end last Saturday, and I'm wondering what other people thought of it. I've really enjoyed the way that Peter Capaldi played the role - what an awesome actor he is! I think he brought real gravitas to the role and his face, though somewhat craggy, is very watchable. As for his eyes... They're amazing! (Swoon!)

I liked Clara too, and thought the actress played the part well. Some of the storylines were not great, but the final episode really gripped me. Without giving too much away to those who have not seen it yet, I wonder if any other viewers found themselves thinking about relatives with dementia, when the final scenes rolled out? I couldn't help thinking about my father and his memory problems, and found the tears running down my cheek by the end! Although the story didn't involve dementia, the writer may well have had that in mind when writing the final scenes, as it was all just so poignant for anyone who has experienced/witnessed such things with someone close to them.
I stopped watching it when David Tennant left.

I have (showing my age here!) watched every Doctor since the first one soi I have learned to overcome the regeneration shock and awe! This Doctor definitely grew on me and the last story line was amazing! Looking forward to the Christmas special. :D
Eun, I liked David Tennant in the role as well - he's another great actor.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas special - have seen clips and it looks like there will be more humour than recent episodes.

I love the title music and the graphics on the opening credits. However, they have an annoying habit of letting the announcer talk over the music at the end - that gives me the RAGE!!! :mad: Whatever they have to say, it can wait 30 seconds!!! Grrhhhh!!!