Do you like your home town?

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I've lived in the same town where I was born for - let's just say forever.
All the beauty spots are still there, and we do have a lot of them, but they have all been "modernised" and "improved" . Lots of characterful houses have been demolished and replaced with millionaire's glass and metal boxes. No free parking anywhere now and even the spots that used to be groccle free are now regularly invaded.
I've always gone out exploring the area being a dog walker , and now I seem incapable of going anywhere without grumbling to my dog- "it didn't used to be like this!". It's making me feel older than I should be feeling and I don't have any sense of belonging here at all.
How do you feel about your home town? Do any of you still live there?
As a place of economic exile , Worksop is one of the better gulags.

As for " Home town " , I would need a sizeable lottery win to reclaim my old 2 up / 2 down with a bit of garden in North East London .... 350k+ for that late 1890's place in a continuing declining part of the Smoke ... one would need to look far and wide for the numerous Spurs / Arsenal and other fans in the area ... most , like , me moved out before the real decay set in with street gangs now the norm as maybe gleamed from the local rag.

Memories ? Good ... until one views said area on the Google streetwalker facility ... hardly recognisable beyond the facade ... soulless !

Same word " Soulless " is often used by Worksop residents who have lived here before and after the mines were shutdown ... certainly more prosperous in those grimy days..... grime and sweat that drove the local economy.

Today , the minimum wage and zero hour contracts barely extend to keeping a roof over one's head , and food on the table
.... and with coal a distant memory , heating is not exactly optional !
Henrietta, I've just crossed over the A31, there's an awful lot more grockles heading down towards you. Is it the Air Show this weekend, or next weekend? I had a meeting at M's flat with a Social Services Manager this morning, she didn't realise how busy it would be. It's always busy on Friday, it's even busier because of the Steam Fair and busier still as it's the Bank Holiday weekend. Is that so difficult to predict?!?! Thank heavens for local knowledge and little lanes.
I once suggested to a Lyndhurst resident who lived on the one way system that they put a "Grockles Go Home" notice at the end of the M27. He said I was wrong, the solution was a machine gun emplacement!!!
I too keep thinking it's not like it used to be. My mum was brought up in Lower Parkstone, when I tidied out her stuff I found an old postcard of Lilliput Post Office, on the way to Sandbanks, in the middle of little more than countryside. So different now. The fields where I played as a child are now covered in bungalows.
Despite all that, with Poole, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and Chichester all within an hours drive, it's STILL the best place in the country.
I've moved around a bit but always within the North Surrey/South London areas.

Battersea to start with - but that's now totally unrecognisable and totally out of reach price wise having been 'gentrified' over the last 40-50 years and is now classified as 'South Chelsea' :shock: :shock: :shock: You have to be very wealthy to be able to afford house prices in the area. Ditto with the next area a little further south - Balham. Mum & Dad's old house there recently sold for £1m, yes that's right one million pounds - when Mum sold it back in 1992 she got £155,000 for it and thought she had done well :roll:

A little further south again to Streatham, I bought my tiny 1 bedroom 1930's flat for £23,000 in 1976 and sold it in 2002 for £91,000 - flats in the same block now sell for £300,000+ :shock: In the 70's and 80's Streatham was a desirable location - good shopping, big open green spaces etc; nowadays you couldn't pay me to live there, whilst prices have soared the general area has nose dived.

After Dad died Mum moved to Morden (famous for being the southern end of the Northern Line !) to be nearer my sister and I followed her soon after but to Sutton which is a little further south - great area with easy access to Central London and the south coast, lots of green space etc. Where I live now still comes under the London Borough of Sutton but is just a bit further out. It's quiet with a friendly 'villagy' feel and, again, lots of open green space with some lovely parks and local history.

I've considered moving a LOT further south (i.e. down to the coast) but all my family live within a 3 mile radius of here and I wouldn't want to be that far away so I expect here is where I'll stay until they carry me out in a box !!!!
Birmingham is very cosmopolitan. Has some grotty places, but also some lovely ones. Brindley place , the nature centre, all sorts. Bounville village is lovely too.DD1 was married at the church and has beautiful. Photos. She did look beautiful, and hubby was a very proud dad. ( Sigh) Can get to Stratford, Worcester, Leamington Spa, Lichfield, very easily on the train. I live south of Birmingham, and the country side isn't far away although sadly not easy for me to get to now.
I've lived abroad, but was glad to get back. Actually I was born in Coventry, ( I believe Pete knows it well?). My parents were black country, dad even spoke some yam yam!
Home is home isn't it. Contentment is more important, and being in our situations it's a hard dig at times to find it.
I once suggested to a Lyndhurst resident who lived on the one way system that they put a "Grockles Go Home" notice at the end of the M27. He said I was wrong, the solution was a machine gun emplacement!!!

Air show is next weekend - starts on Thursday 31st and finishes on Sunday 3rd Sept. I remember working in Sussex a few years ago and returning home on Bank Holiday weekend in August-Frioday night-exactly this time in fact but a few years back and it took me about 6 hours to do a 3 hour journey. Road was bumper to bumper with grockles heading west.
Always lived in the same town, smack bang in the middle between Newcastle and Sunderland ( black and white supporter though, for my sins :woohoo: ).

It has changed so much over the years but that's primarily down to the closure of both shipyards and the pits. Most of the skilled manual labour jobs have gone. Now it is housing, housing and more housing. They have even used what was originally green belt area. I look round and don't know where all the people come from. Price of them, even here, to me sounds like a lottery win. Most of our corner shops have gone, more retail parks built.

One thing that has remained is the people though, still a real friendly place and good neighbours. Transport links are good but can be extremely expensive if we want to go out of the area. Train fares to London can be astronomical unless booked well in advance.

Still a lot of local history scattered around due to being birth place of St Bede ... e_st.shtml and also the Jarrow March.

Always lived here and probably always will.

x x
Lived in the same small village since we were 4 ,apart from 1988 to 97 when i lived in London .
Bit of a culture shock is not the right phrase to describe my first thoughts .
Mainly lived within dashing distance of the M1 ,Finchley ,Parmers Green ,Enfield .
Lived in Cranfield near Heathrow for a bit ,i once timed the planes flying over the house ,1 every minute .
I have moved about quite a bit, lived in France and Luxembourg. Was 5 years in Sheffield. Returned to my home town when mum's health worsened so back to my roots in the heart of Essex. At the time it seemed that either she moved or I did. Very urban. I don't particularly like it and could now move. However, it is extremely practical - 10 mins walk to main shopping centre, 15 mins walk to work and half an hour from central London. Also lots of buses and trains (important as I don't drive). Those considerations keep me here especially as I get older.

One of the other reasons for staying is that we get Crossrail next year which hopefully may increase house prices ...

Not sure whether i will stay for ever or not, one of the reasons I still haven't had the kitchen done!
I was born in London. We lived with my Dad's parents. Just looked up our old house, it's now worth over 2 million!!! :shock: When I was 4 he sold up and moved the family to Dorset and we had new bungalows side by side. I did my degree in Southampton and then moved to the Midlands, where I've been ever since.
I don't often get the chance to go to visit any of these places due to the limitations of caring.