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Do many of you feel like this! - Carers UK Forum

Do many of you feel like this!

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Dear Pet, yes, every morning I have to force myself to get up and face the day. Oh to be back to the days before his stroke when we would get up, have breakfast and decide what we would like to do that day! Now every day is the same routine of feeding him and washing clothes and bed linen. Heaven knows how my washing machine is lasting, some days I have three loads of washing to do and tumble dry.
Our weather is Scotland as been dreadful during June with rain nearly every day and cold and windy. At least when he was well, we could look forward to going on holiday but that has gone for good. I know he could go into respite but, to be honest, I tried that last year and it was a disaster. I was on my own in a cottage in the rain and would have been better at home, so never again. However, we have to battle on, there is no alternative is there?
Oh- if only we could. Strange isn't it how carers are never allowed to conk out. There is never anyone available to catch us is there?
There are days when I think "the world will have to manage without me", and I don't go shopping or any housework or paperwork or...
Those are the times when I go up into my sewing room (which my lovely husband spent all one summer building for me with his bare hands, everything apart from the final plastering) sit and play with my patterns - when I'm in this sort of mood I may not even feel like actually sewing, that's when I know things are bad! - and allow myself to be "vacant". Not thinking back, or ahead, just trying to give my brain a rest.
As a "part time" carer now, although still battling with the LA to get a decent package of care for my son, this is a luxury I can allow myself, but we all need some sort of "down time" or "me time" when we allow our bodies and minds to rest. I'm not a great advocate of exercise at times like this, as I know when I feel like this it's mental and physical exhaustion.
Most definitely, right now in fact.

I'm travelling from pram to coffin without a care in the world.

O yeh, who am I kidding? :)
I feel like that most of the time.
To all of you, especially the ones who felt like I did today.
Thanks Pet.
Oh yes Pet. I feel "out of order" most of the time.
Have had a particularly hard week where a last (unconnected to caring) straws nearly broke this camel's back.
A long talk with a friend encouraged me to have a long talk with someone else, culminated in a huge crying session and a lot of 'letting go'. Now feel much better. I should know not to bottle it up so.
A good cry can help.

((Hugs)) to all