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Did you vote?

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Me neither Charles.
I always vote and I wish I could find someone in the general election to vote for! We got the same old, same old who I have never voted for :angry:
But I did get the 2 I wanted in the locals, both Independent and both active FOR the community.
Henrietta, what annoys me about zebra crossings by junctions is that they are sited a few metres back from the junction - the idea is that pedestrians who simply want to cross the incoming road have to divert sideways for a few metres to use the zebra crossing, then veer back again in the opposite direction on the far side, before being able to continue in the straight line up the road they were originally walking. ie, they have to 'zig-zag' in order to use the crossing. I guess the idea is that it's unsafe to have a crossing bang on the junction itself.

BUT, of course, people don't want to zig-zag they just want to cross at the junction straight to the other side - and they continue to do so! So the zebra crossing turns out to be little used itself, and people just keep crossing 'downstream' of it, yet hold traffic back on the far side of the crossing.

Similarly, with pelican crossings, the council puts up barriers alongside to try and prevent people crossing except at the pelican, so all that happens is that people then promptly cross down and upstream of the barriers.

The Elven Safety wonks refuse to accept that in the end, pedestrians just want to cross roads at the fastest place, not the safest.....
all this talk of zebra crossings and roundabouts - can we get back on topic please ? :lol: :lol:

(and yes, Ladybird I did vote -but who for is between me and my conscience !)
Agreed Sue, which is why I wrote this: "just would like to see how many put their cross on the paper, regardless of who it was for".. ;)
S and I voted.

I voted for one of the small parties as I live in a labour safe seat. While at a public meeting this was the only candidate to ask me what we needed as carers. Just waiting to see what happens now.
I voted SNP , as we didn't have a Green standing in my constituency. The SNP is a pro-business, hard-headed but very socially-aware party, that doesn't really fit the traditional left-right thing at all. They are opposed to nuclear weapons, against foreign wars, and support redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.
They have a pretty good track record, and have built up a genuine trust with the Scottish people, hence their popular support.
Oh, well, Scally, if the SNP believe in redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor, looks like the Union with England is pretty safe!!! :)

That said .... Hmm, memo to DC: Don't mention the North Sea revenues that England helped itself to in the seventies and eighties!!! (Scally, I'm sure you're old enough like me to remember The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black Black Oil.....)
I voted - but not for the winning party