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Did you vote?

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I'm curious. I had a look at the CUK Facebook page (not on it so only the public view) and there was post after post about the result, mostly against the Conservatives. Given the amount of fear and anxiety about what this government intends to do, I wonder how many of those people actually voted to stop them getting back in?

Or maybe some wanted DC back - just would like to see how many put their cross on the paper, regardless of who it was for.
Yes, I voted. A protest vote 60% voted Conservative, as usual, in my area, so they didn't need my vote as well. I would have preferred to make a positive, not negative, vote, but I don't respect or believe any of them!!

We were also voting for our local councillors, I voted for two people, in different parties, because I know and respect them. Like me, they are locals, not some retired person just moved into the area who wants to change everything - a real problem in places like the New Forest.
110 % yes. Think what the Suffragettes went through!
We should be grateful to be in a democracy. I think it's always shocking how much apathy there is in this country.
Yes, I voted Green for the general election and Lib Dem for our local council (as there wasn't a Green candidate). I know people say Green is a wasted vote and I knew they wouldn't win but for me voting's such an important thing that I wanted to vote for a party whose policies I have the most agreement with, for me that's Green. Lib Dem for local, again knowing they wouldn't win but least bad choice out of the three as far as I'm concerned (plus I know their candidate has a disabled son so he has an understanding of how bad things are).

I do understand why people don't vote, though, there's really very little to chose between the three main parties (or two as it really is) and then knowing that if you vote for a smaller one nothing will change can be disheartening. I do think proportional representation would be much better (which is probably why they don't want to do it) but I have to say I just felt like crying yesterday, it felt like a nation stood up and said "B**ls to disabled people, we don't care". I know that isn't accurate as relatively few people need to vote for them to get a majority but it really felt like a kick in the teeth and does make me feel that a lot of people just focus on how good things are for them and don't care if other people are struggling.

Something else I've noticed on FBook and various other forums is that there does seem to be a widespread belief that there's this enormous safety net available and that if people aren't getting help it's through some wrong doing of their own making. Just hope for the sake of those that believe that that they've got good health insurance and plenty of cash in the bank because they'll be in for a rude awakening if something awful happens. Health is so precious and so many people just don't realise how tough it is if you or someone you love loses theirs.
I voted SNP and am a very happy bunny. Watch out Westminster the Scots are coming and if you don't listen to the democratic will of the Scottish people we'll be off!!

What I don't understand about the SNP is what their politics are! I mean, once they've said 'Scotland is a place apart' (whether that's as an independent nation, or dominion, or whatever), THEN what? Are their policies left wing or right wing in terms of economics? That's the really important part! 'Nationalism' is only the first step. The most important next step is where is the money coming from and where is it going to?

Personally, I just wish we could have single-issue voting, as I find that most of the parties have a mish-mash of things that I approve of and things that I don't! I can't buy in to the whole package of any of them, only parts of them. I would probably have voted Green had they actually been a 'green' party on the key issue facing this country which is over-population. Until and unless we stop our population increasing, we will continue to use up massive resources, including greenfield land for ever more housing, and, in the long term, impoverish us all. It's the number one problem facing the world - too many human beings despoiling the planet! Yet our UK Green party seems blithely unconcerned. Inexplicable. The most cursory study of both history and ecology demonstrates over an over again that no population of any species can exceed the carrying capacity of their environment, without horrendous consequences (usually civisilisation wipeout and collapse.)

The party I'd like to be able to vote for, however, is the 'Anti-Wasteful Spending of Tax Money' party - the one that would halve the top salaries of fat cat bureacrats (eg, hospital CEOs!), scrap vanity projects like HS2, and use the money where it is actually needed - like providing suitable housing and care for those like Eun's son for a start!!!!

(Just to give you a small example of that wasteful spending - my local council has just blown nearly a quarter of a million pounds digging up our high street, putting some stupid ornamental tiling down the middle, creating cycle lanes in quiet residential lanes where home owners park their cars down the sides of the road anyway, and putting in another two completely unnecessary and inconveniently placed zebra crossings - they were not 'allowed' apparently, to spend the money on, say, something useful like hiring a few more district nurses....the only good to come out of it is that it kept the workmen paid for several weeks!!!)
Zebra crossings are definitely back in fashion and sprouting in the wrong locations- just off a strange double roundabout and just on the edge of a road junction to take anyone by surprise who does not know of it's existence. Our Council is also keen on putting a right hand approach lane to go straight over a roundabout. When I learnt to drive you stayed in the left lane to move straight over! They obviously learnt at a different driving school. Just for the sake of variety we have a big roundabout where you can stay in the left hand lane to take a right hand turn!
Eun wrote:I voted SNP and am a very happy bunny. Watch out Westminster the Scots are coming and if you don't listen to the democratic will of the Scottish people we'll be off!!

I really hope they will flex their muscles and force some changes, if not can we all come to Scotland?
I'm a bit all over the place this morning, been reading various things in the press and Facebook etc and there seems to be a complete lack of understanding of just how bad things genuinely are for so many people? Do people really not know or do they just not care? I'm really struggling to get my head around it all.
I voted. For my MP, who was returned. I have never voted Tory.