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Did you know.........

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i've bought 2 major presents already before i lost eldest daughters child tax credit,a laptop and a moped,also paid for eldest's theory test,just got to find £50 each for kids and wife,the food and drink money,which isn't much has the wife gone off meat and i only drink on rare occasions,and also pay for the daughters practical driving test and get some sweets,so i'm actually looking forward to this christmas,i'm off to the pound shop next week for my savings tin,a bit each week and i'm laughing,the wife gets the stocking fillers each week which stimulates her brain and we were all more excited about them last year than the main prezzies.
The biggest eye opener about being a bereaved parent,is finding out which family members actually do phone/write/email to see how we are coping. It is a death like no other,one of the worst times of year is Christmas. I only send cards to a very few people now,the ones who care enough to find out if we are doing okay.I used to love Christmas,my favourite time of year.My daughter still talks about when they were small and we used to go out and find new experiences for our family at Christmas(St Fagans Folk Museum by Cardiff was a wonderful one,old houses, cinder toffee,lovely smell of fires).
Last year we went on a steam train with our small grandson.My grandson(and his new sibling due just before Christmas),will bring joy back into our lives.
To give children memories that last a lifetime is,I think,the most precious thing that parents can do(and grandparents!)
Would you Adam and Eve it?!!?

Doesn't time fly?!?!?!

Did you know.........

(Drum Roll, Please!!!!)

It's now only 132 days to Christmas?

Yep! That's right! 40 days since I started this topic! Image Image Image

The goodies will be in Tesco soon, especially now the Olympics is over.

This topic is nothing to do with Caring elther but I never posted it here originally.
Methinks CarersUK made a balls up of moving topics from the General thread to Cyberspace. Image

Bring back General Chat? Image
Or make Social Area public.
I cant wait have just had 2 holidays this summer, down in London for 5 days during the armistice muster parade with the War Widows / Royal Engineers November and we have decided to spend the Christmas holidays in London down on the Friday back home on the thursday ...no bed making , cooking or cleaning and for once a real Christmas lunch cooked by a pro without the use of a microwave ...... bliss ....
Go on like that, GaryO, and you will be banned! I have enough to deal with, without some thoughtless so-and-so mentioning the C-word. Image
I buy most of my cards and wrapping paper in January when it is 1/2 price. Already got a few small gifts in.
Told family members that we are cutting down.
i tell mine that every year rosemary, and then at the last moment i panic and get too much.
Have no choice but to stick to it this year Pam. I have done same as you in the past but not possible this year.
Christmas has been very difficult for us for several years.Three years ago, it was five months after my younger son's death. We cooked turkey and all the trimmings,determined to do it in his memory, sat down at the table,four of us instead of five,and couldn't face it.We threw it away.
Two years ago, my Dad died on 17th December(funeral was 23rd December), it was also my grandson's first Christmas. Very emotional and again, I hated it.
Last Christmas,I bought a five bird meal from Lidls( one stuffed inside another),and we were able to laugh through our emotions,plus took some photos at the table.
This year, I will have a very new second grandchild(due 4th December).My mind is set on good Christmases, making happy memories for these wonderful people in my life. My husband and I can go into the other room to break our hearts, but we do not have any right to take the magic out of the season for small children.My daughter wants Christmas with her family, and will will enjoy it as a family occasion,gifts and cards don't matter any more, all that matters is our love.We did give cards last year,and decided to save them and give the same ones again this year,but with an updated signature. Going to do that each year now.
My daughter remembers receiving letters from Father Christmas when she was small, telling her what a good girl she was being,and he was looking forward to dropping off her presents on Christmas Eve.The notes used to be written on yellow post it labels, and I used to stick them all over the place for each child.
My Christmas tree is now a "memory" tree.We have little ornaments that hold a special place in our hearts,many of them are years old.
I hope that my heart can enjoy Christmas this year. Image Image