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Did you know.........

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....... that there's only 172 days to Christmas?
Nice Thought. Image Image Image Image Image

Someone's mentioned the C word and it's only July Image Image Image Image Image
Ben told me on 25th June, that his care staff pointed out that it was six months to Christmas!They are starting to plan what they will do for entertainment at the day centre!I hate Christmas now, just have to get through it as best I can,paint a smile on for Ben and for Daniel,(my daughter understands how my husband and I feel)but the day centre involve all the clients, they all get to contribute and so have to start early,so I will be listening to Christmas plans until the time gets here.
Say it every year but the bonus of living here is that we don't get caught up in all the fuss - I just need to sort out a pressie for daughter, son-in-law and grandson for our "Christmas" visit in November!

Bell x
Out on Tues with niece no. 2 and the pub blackboard read:
"Book Christmas Parties here now" and "Christmas Lunch bookings being taken"
have you got the christmas countdown wallpaper on your phone yet,the wife and daughter have.
Heh heh heh! I didn't expect so many replies.
Seriously though, it may only be July but 172 days goes by SO quickly these days.
And as frandrake posted, places are already taking orders for Xmas. Image
The Xmas stuff will start appearing in the shops soon too. In our area last year, it started at the end of ruddy August!! Four Foot Snakes!

Not sure what Christmas will be like this year. It'll be the first year just my wife and myself, in our new bungalow, no kids.
We saw Christmas cards on sale a few weeks ago. Didn't mention it before in case people thought I was hallucinating... Image
Best start saving up.....