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Dental options...advice please. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Dental options...advice please.

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Thank you so much...food for thought...
I have a lot of problems with my teeth due to my medical condition, I got referred to a dental hospital, and a dental reconstruction specialist.

Might be worth a try?
the last time i had dental work through NHS ( in scotland ) . i was surprised by all the complete rubbish BS the dentist has to go through .
posters up regarding cuts to the NHS dentists as work is done through private companies from money through NHS.

and it was then explained to me , for the job they wanted to do , they had to send in an application form to see if they would be granted the treatment through NHS due to costs involved.

they wanted to give me crowns on 3 teeth , and replace poorly fitted crowns from a previous dentist.
so they went ahead and prepped the mouth / teeth put temp fillings in and was told its now a case of wait for the NHS health board and hospital to approve the paperwork or not.
total of 3 months later i was told to come in , they have approved the work to be carried out .
i was then informed that further changes were set to happen shortly and over the next few years in regards of NHS treatments and what can / cant be done , what is and what is not included .

and every time they updated the records is always fun , because they dont have Carers allowance / Income support on the NHS papers
Hope you get sorted out! I am always dubious about dentists. a few years ago I saw a different dentist at our practice and I just got an uneasy feeling about him. he was not very gentle, he was curt and just not pleasant. As I went to pay the receptionist asked if it all went oK and I said “since you ask, no. I don’t like him at all.” She went red and changed the subject.

A few months later it was all in the paper that he had fiddled the NHS out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in his previous job by claiming for work that he hadn’t done. he got struck off. I just knew he was dodgy!
A friend of mine had a similar problem. His front tooth was accidentally knocked out. But in the end, he just decided not to go to the dentist and not look for a replacement tooth at all. After many years, he still decided to go to the dentist, but unfortunately it was already too late to insert a tooth. The teeth were twisted and the wound healed, so it is possible to insert a new tooth, but only for a very large amount.
This is an old thread and Alan last posted about this issue in June 2019, I am therefore locking this thread.