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Dental Issues

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My son bought me some chocolate eclairs when wecwere travelling. I chewd happily for a few moments, then the strain broke my denture. I think it cost about £400 to replace. The new one is metal and a beefed uo design!!!
Just returned from another trip to the dentist - 4 white fillings on some front teeth, took longer than expected and cost £230! Fillings were quite fiddly and I was in the chair for an hour - feeling a bit drained now. The fillings are virtually invisible but mostly replaced old white fillings, so although they look smart I guess I'll be lucky if I get 5 years out of them.

At times like this I sometimes wonder if I should have cut my losses and had the lot out years ago. Image Ah well, fingers crossed I won't need anything done again for a year or two, but once you're the wrong side of 50 teeth become very high maintenance.

I have some gaps now and wouldn't mind getting implants, but I'm concerned about the infection risk and the cost is prohibitive. Does anyone here have implants?

PS: Ladybird, you have my sympathies re the Curly Wurly episode. Something similar happened to me years ago, when eating a toffee. I never eat such things now, but tend to think that a filling/tooth would not normally be damaged by eating a toffee unless there is already a problem - the weakness has to be there already.
Implants are very expensive, why not just have a partial denture? Mine are trouble free and comfortable.
Mmm, that's something to think about BB. I suppose if I had a metal frame thing, they could add more teeth to it, as time goes on? Only thing is, the gaps are mostly on the bottom and I've heard that lower dentures can be notoriously difficult to get a good fit/get used to - or is that just for a full set, maybe?

Anyway, plenty of time to ponder, before my check up in 6 months.
I'a partial top and bottom now, used to have a tiny denture with just one front lower tooth, again, no problem. Depends on the dentist I suppose. Both mine are metal, used to be plastic.
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