Nordic walking

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Hi has anyone tried Nordic walking?

A friend has suggested I try it and there is a group who do it on a Monday, you only pay if you go. Just a bit worried as I have awful co-ordination.

Hi Melly, I haven't tried it but I shouldn't worry about the co ordination. I think it is a natural exageration of the walking motion and I'm sure it doesn't matter if you get out of sync. I would imagine it is excellent all round- as you say improves co-ordination, gives you more confidence about balance and gives you a work out by increasing the heart rate gently. Social activity as well if you walk in a group. What's not to like? I might try it myself but I use my dog as my third leg instead :lol:
Your answer is very convincing, Henrietta. I think I'll look out for a taster session.

Great idea - let us know how it goes.
Great idea - let us know how it goes. I took my third leg for a walk up a very small hill today and she got half way up like the Grand Old Duke of York and stopped dead , turned round and pulled me back to the car. I have to listen to her now and she tells me when she has walked far enough, but getting shorter and shorter :(