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Dealing with beggers. - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Dealing with beggers.

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Big Issue vendors sell a Street Paper called the ... Big Issue! Its a very good product, and worth every penny, IMHO. My local vendor takes the bus. Actually all vendors have to pass basic screening to be badged up - if you dont believe me, then try it yourself, you'd stand out like a sore thumb. They also have to carry ID and accept a code of conduct when they buy, then sell on, the paper. I'm not saying it's perfect, or that all vendors are good Christian teetotallers, far from it: but its no license to print money, that's for sure - would you fancy standing out all day in the rain? Next time you pass a vendor, or a beggar, ask them their life story before parting with cash, and then make up your mind.
It might also be worth remembering that carers, including members on this forum, are not all born and raised in the UK.

Am I sarcastic? Nope. I am very serious.
Quite true Dancedintherain, but why arn't there any british born and bred ''Big Issue'' sellers around my neck of the wood? There all Rumanian.
One lad named Alex, who has been doing it for years is never pushy and never stands near the doorway and cash till, I might add. He stands well along from both.
I got to know him and often bought his paper. He suddenly seems to have disapeared and now several different men and women, all Rumanian, have started flogging his patch to death!
Their there up to four times a week now, each one different, but equally just as pushy as each other, standing just five feet from the cash till and right on the doorway into the Co-op store.
Sorry, but damn it I hate it and they have all shot their bolt as far as I'm concerned. Image
I'm pure English, but elder brother's first wife from Egypt, second from Uruguay. Younger brother's first wife had a German father, second with from Ukraine. Sister in law's sister in law, who lives near me, is from the Caribbean. My husband's parents and my parents lived just six miles apart!
Just like a bankster; except they (banksters) won't be prosecuted for fraud if found out, they'll be knighted instead.
And when they are 'fined' it's passed on to the customer, and off-settable against tax too boot.
Can I claim my parking fine against tax?
Try it!!!!

It really is a diversionary tactic. Whilst we all work ourselves up into a lather about immigrants, the Powers that Be want them here, despite their weasel words. Of course they do; it's going to lower labour costs.
So, on the one hand they'll wring their hands, but with the other count how they're shares have increased.
But at what cost? Doesn't matter.
My Mother's a German war-bride, her Mother was born in Sth America, of Swedish and French Huguenot parentage. As for my fathers side, they were just Viking raiders who got fed up of pillaging and looting and decided to settle down, as far as I can ascertain. Nobody is British, we are all wild geese.
To true.
My Dad's mum was from Cork, his dad was from some pissy little country that doesn't even exist anymore, once called Boukovina (or something.) Now part of 3 countries; Ukraine, Czechoslovakia and Romania.
My mum is pure anglo-saxon, or so we thought. Her Great Grandad, it turns out, was a German Jew immigrant in the 1870's.
I'm a Heinz 57 varieties, and proud of it!
He, and his wife, had 16 children (poor wife) oddly enough she is mentioned only as anne; no second name.
I often wonder about my no-name Great, Great Nana; who was she? I'm far more interested in her than Salomon F.
the english are a b*****d nation .
quote from daniel defoe or jonathan swift .
i think.
Were drifting off thread I think.
I dont care where anyone comes from. Crede Colour rich or poor, just as long as their honest hard working citizens. Too many con artists taking advantage of our easy going nature as far as I can tell.
Genuine beggars and the Big Issue sellers are being tared with the same brush unfortunately.
I did ask Alex the Rumanian, why he chose to come here just to sell the Big Issue. He said ''I can make more money selling this for my family back home, than I can working there.''
Nuff said I think. Image