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Dealing with beggers. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Dealing with beggers.

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I actually favour those who can't play; just like me!!
I kind of reckon if you can play/sing/whatever, that's got to better if you can't?
What then?
That's why I give my pound, etc to the rubbiyished singers, etc.
The guy on Bold Street with a paper box on his head? No idea wh.. .? But next time I see him I'm going to ask why.

We are being encouraged to be so mean to one another
What really, really bugs me are the foreign sellers of Big Issue who stand right outside the entrance to Tesco and say Big Issue Pleeeeeeze. I used to shop a lot in Tesco but got so fed up with running the gauntlet that in the end I gave up, and shopped elsewhere. I support charities which are related to the various disabilities my family have suffered from, and often buy things in charity shops. I have given them loads of stuff to sell whilst I've been clearing first my brother's bungalow, and then sorting out mum's house. I just don't like being made to feal mean because I don't buy a Big Issue from them.
It's just a street paper, Bowlingbun: they aren't begging, they are selling. It's a really good read too, lots of great articles, but you either like it or you don't. No different from any other sales pitch. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it in the same thread, but a lot of people make that mistake.
Believe me, with the ones round here, they are begging with the Pleeeeeeze!
I think I may have been conned a few days back.
I was stuck in this huge que at Morrison's. The machine thing for cards broke down, and bloke had to dash outside to cash machine.
Next up was a little ald lady. She got dead confused when her Barclay card wouldn't work. She didn't have enough cash to pay for few purchases, and was getting quite distressed. Fed up of queuing, I offered to pay for her few bits & bobs. She demurred like mad. In the end I suggested that next time she was in, plonk a fiver in the Girl Guides charity bins (they were out in force packing our bags, something to do with a Jamboree in Madagascar or something.)

Later, when I related this tale to pater, he thought little ald lady was a scam merchant, and I'd been had. So what! If she was a scam merchant, it was worth a fiver to have witnessed such brilliant acting. If not, then I helped out, and got served quicker to boot.
Either way, it was worth a fiver.

I think one of the main reasons Rumanians, etc, are allowed to flood in, is to distract us from the real scam merchants and beggars in our society. It's a diversionary tactic.
On the one hand we're being lambasted with how hard working they are, on the other that they're only here to take advantage of our 'soft' benefits system. I do wish the 'Powers that Be' would make their minds up!
BB - the sellers of the Big Issue are supposed to sell from pitches agreed by the council and they are not supposed to beg. They are also supposed to have a licence, a bit like an ID. You could always check up at your local big issue head office whether they are licensed sellers or not - its the unlicensed sellers that give all the rest a bad name.
Thanks Crocus, I'll do that after Christmas. Incidentally, if I see someone selling Big Issue who looks like they have genuinely fallen on hard times, I will happily give them £1 without actually having a copy, as I just don't have any time to read. It's only the "Pleeeeeeze" that gets me rattled.
As far as I am concerned these people should go to places like the Salvation Army etc where they will get fed etc and will get a helping hand upwards.
I do suspect some of these beggars have nice houses or are on drugs.
I did report a beggar once to the police. I came across him in my working life and I knew he probably had a larger pension than me.
I suspect there was something wrong with him as his wife died just before he retired and I understand there were some family problems.
I think the police must have done something as I never saw him again.
Oddly enough I know somebody who is blind and has a guide dog but he is fairly wealthy.
He does not ask for money but people occasionally almost force money in to his hands and go.
He tends to stack it up and then send it to Guide Dogs for the Blind which I think is fair enough.

Pleeeeeze - DONT give money to Big Issue sellers: that's the whole point. They are selling a useful and excellent product, not begging, and by giving them money you are basically trashing their business model, not helping them. Its like going into a restaurant, handing the waiter a tip without having a meal, and then walking out again. Either buy the paper, and have a good read, or don't, its simple.

I've been on holiday to lots of places where you get harassed by street urchins, beggars and vendors all the time, its part of their culture, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong about saying no, you have to do it many times a day. But do it nicely, these folk are hustling to pay their bills, and its no different really from those annoying phone calls from people trying to sell your double glazing, think of the person making that call and be polite and firm. "No thanks"! Its not hard.
It's true - a simple "no thanks" is all that is necessary.

We used to have a woman "selling" Big Issue. I understand they have to buy their copies of BI but her plan was to collect as much money from people who would give money but not bother taking the paper so 100% money in pocket. She only ever had some very tatty looking copies (they maybe weren't even up to date) most people did not accept one - her plan succeeded for a good while.

I do sometimes give money but most annoying for me is when they hang around ATM's