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Dealing with beggers.

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Wifey - she sounds like one of the unlicensed ones to me. Image
I used to get my copy of the big issue every week from the same guy who was very business like about it. He insisted on always giving change - the only time he would accept a "tip" was at Christmas. I used to chat to him and he was just getting back on his feet, when unfortunately caught pneumonia and died. Image There were an awful lot of people at his funeral.
I think one of the main reasons Rumanians, etc, are allowed to flood in, is to distract us from the real scam merchants and beggars in our society. It's a diversionary tactic.
On the one hand we're being lambasted with how hard working they are, on the other that they're only here to take advantage of our 'soft' benefits system. I do wish the 'Powers that Be' would make their minds up!
Absolutely Sajehar. The politicians thrive on scapegoating - beggars, disabled people, whatever. It suits their purpose that we blame each other so they can continue in their cosy bubble.
Well quite. I used to work for a Regional Health Authority, which meant that I did a lot of mileage in my car to get to meetings. Now, as it happened, I would often be at the same meetings with three other people from the same organisation: an Architect, a Quantity Surveyor, and an Accountant. Logically we could have all travelled together in the same car. Guess how many times this happened? ...
Zero ... because they were all after the 45p per mile allowance. Stinks, doesn't it?
It's called divide and conquer, Silverday, and they're doing a damn good job of it.
But I refuse to be divided.

Today I had to do my last Xmas shopping in Liverpool; stuff I couldn't get locally. On my way back to Central Station, I passed a young bloke sitting in the old, closed Lewis's in a thinnish sleeping bag.
I back-tracked and gave him my last £8.30p to help get a night in the WMCA or similar. Was he a scam merchant? I don't know, and I don't care.
If he was, serves me right for being such a mug. And once I've parted with money, it's up to them what they do with it. If they want to spend it on drugs or drink, rather than food or a night in a shelter, that's their choice, not mine. Nobody tells me how to spend my money, why should I do otherwise? Maybe they need that drink, or whatever, more than a warm night? Who am I too judge? But for the grace of God and all that. I am the Salvation Army's worst night-mere! And I intend to carry on being so, despite having nothing but TOTAL RESPECT for them (they helped my bro during first Gulf War... many thanks.)
My story has a happy ending, for me; don't know about him.

I entered Central Station, and I'd missed my train by 1 minute. NOW I had to wait half an hour (Sunday time table.)
Decided to get a coffee, only I couldn't as I'd given all my spare money to beggar. I was spitting tacks, practically jumping up and down with frustration.
Some guy asked me why I was so mad; he bought me a coffee!!!
All was then right with the world.

Thank you, Mister, for cappuccino; best Xmas pressie I've had so far. XXXX (for cappuccino man.)
Your millage thing sounds like that Feed in Tariff thing. How insane is that!
Basically, the Government, or who ever (same difference) will pay people MORE for lecky they produce and use themselves, rather than stuff they export to the grid.
You what! They are actually encouraging people to use more leccy, not conserve it, and send it to the grid. That's madness!!!!???
Who comes up with these 'rules?'
Whoever they are, they should be taken out and shot!

Of all the 'rulings' over power consumption, that's the daftest I've yet come across.
2 salesman, for PV's, have advised us so far to use up leccy, not conserve it, because of the feed in tariff.
What numpty came up with that??????
I'd just like to say that my beautician's dad came from Rumania. He is a really hard working chap, married an English girl, worked hard, and now owns his own house. Alex, my beautician, is a really lovely girl, good looking, really nicely spoken, kind, and thoughtful. We shouldn't knock a whole nation because some people are scroungers, after all, we have a few of those from our own country. That said, the older I get the more racist I seem to become, I don't really like it, but that's the way I feel. England does seem to attract people from all over the world, and we are just a little island after all. In particular, I shouldn't knock economic migrants when my husband and I went to earn lots of money in Australia before settling down in the UK, so we were mortgage free when I was 24! If one person can't really sort out conflicting feelings, how on earth can an entire country?!
I've stopped buying the Big Issue as their really acosting you as you leave or enter our Co-op store in town.
All Rumanians. I dont like their pushy attitude or the price of their Big Issue. It's now £2.50 and £3.00 at Christmas. Sorry but I cant afford that. A pound is my max.
I'd sooner give it the Sally Army or RNLI any day.
They can bugger off back home and be 'homeless'. Funny how their all picked up in a big new Four x Four each day?
I dont trust them an inch.
Buskers oh yes I give to them. Their giving you something to make you smile. Some around here are brilliant musicians too. ie: Luke Friend from Xfactor. Image
I like buskers too!
can i just ask what 'big issue' is....? i havent heard of it....
I remember reading years ago of a guy that used to beg on the streets and was photographed walking around the corner and getting into a top of the range Mercedes Benz that was worth around £60k or so. It turned out that was his job... basically a con man!!