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Day care

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Thinking about day care for people with parents/ relatives living at home, having a day centre privately run, would that be something people would want obviously cost dependant, but a good way to go to work and still keep family at home rather than the costly home care option. Is tyhi something which is needed by carers?
Short answer ... YES ... childcare nurseries , why not parentcare nurseries ... a bug bear of mine for 20+ years !

( Rolls into the whole RESPITE CARE issue ... MUST BE AFFORDABLE OR SIMPLY FORGET ABOUT IT ... the sheer cost of replacing oneself as a
carer ... even for 2 / 3 / 4 hours ! )

Short of small , local , schemes with carers operating a sort of " Barter " system ( As I did over 20 years ago ) ... parent sitting a caree in exchange
for tidying up a garden / ironing a prime example ... nothing that would stack up if to be done on a commercial basis.

( Notice board inside my local food bank and , now , 3 of the supermarkets ... beginnings of a barter system if ever there was one ! )

Childcare ... nurseries disappearing faster than the rise in food banks ... and that's saying something.

Cost of parking one's caree ?

That's the real bottom line.

If a carer were to do just that ... say for 4 hours ... 4 divided by 35 , then multiply by £ 66.30 ( Carers Allowance )
... gives a figure of £ 7.58 ... happy with that return ?

( Even that rate is generous ... carer might be caring for 70+ hours ! ... divide that figure by another 2 ? )

Medical needs whilst said caree is parked with you ?

LA ... what permissions would be needed to operate an official car park for carees ?

See the problem if ever scaled up from a local venture ... and operated on a monetary , as opposed to a barter , scheme ???

( Nightcare ... desperate need on my manor so those on zero hour contracts can take advantage of night work ... the only real wages on offer
... £ 9.50+ per hour ... what to do with the kids / elderly parent(s) ? )
Found a Daycare for hubby £75 a day maybe once a week/fortnightly 9pm to 5pm.....
But our LA don’t like! Hence you pay privately😌 ...Yet Councils 3 hour ‘sitting service’!
8 hours a day (one day a week) as against 3 hours once a week.....not rocket science to work out.....
Unfortunately LA don’t want to see common sense😔
Any form of childcare is hard for special needs families.

Last year I had a difficult time trying to find a nursery for my caree. I visited several different local nurseries with my caree in tow and asked a few pointed questions. Eventually I ended up hiring a private childcare provider online. Why is it difficult? Because people will always make negative and silly assumptions. I dread having to find a school as well.
Moonlight, the council is acting unlawfully. Ask for a new Needs and Carers Assessment, get it in writing.