David Bowie RIP

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I was shocked to hear the news today that David Bowie had passed away, after an 18 month battle with cancer. I didn't even know he was ill.

David Bowie was an icon when I was a teenager in the 70s, and really forged the way for many musicians who came later. He was more than a singer/songwriter, he was a truly original artist and performer, who made androgeny acceptable and almost mainstream.

I didn't like all his music, but I liked several of his songs (Rebel Rebel, Life on Mars, Space Oddity, Ashes to Ashes) and I admired him for his style and originality. RIP David.
According to wiki he had liver cancer. I'm amazed he managed to complete that final album but what a tribute to his abilities.
Liver cancer? Wow, and he survived 18 months! That's pretty impressive. So grimly, like pancreatic cancer, liver cancer is often diagnosed far too late.

The headlines were certainly a shock this morning.
I wonder how long ago he recorded the album. Production etc must take some time.
As you say, Jenny, pancreatic and liver cancers show at a much later stage so have far less chance of recovery. My big sister had the former and survived less than a year.
Very sad. Apart from his contribution to music, he showed me and many other teenagers like me an alternate viewpoint of sexuality, fashion, and that it was OK to be different. Thought the scenes at Brixton were quite moving.

Also quite a tribute to him as a friend that this illness was kept away from the public gaze. Quite remarkable in times of Twitter, Instagram etc
Yes, it was great that the fans at Brixton seemed to enjoy an impromptu street party, singing his songs together, what a nice thing to happen.

I agree that his friends and family must have huge respect and affection for him, to have kept the secret of his cancer hidden so well. The song and video "Lazarus" from his new album is pretty dark, where he seems to be playing out his own death on camera, it's truly bizarre. I guess it was his way of coming to terms with his imminent demise and although his fans may not enjoy viewing it, maybe he needed to express his darkest thoughts.

Apparently there are now 40 of his songs in the top 100 chart! What an amazing legacy, his family must be so proud.
He's a real hero! David, you'll never be forgotten!!!