On benefits + charged council tax

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My local authority is charging me 20% council tax, when I'm on ESA. I'm thinking of filling in + sending relevant supporting evidence about SMI form - Severe Mental Imparement - to discount me from having to pay. Not sure if it's worth doing, as I don't want it compromising my position having POA for my Mum.
Contact our CUK helpline by email, they will be able to give you good advice. Don't ring, it's nearly always engaged, as it's good!
Sounds about right ... many here in Worksop on a standard range of benefits through UC caught by CT for the first time ... hence the now 3 in 7 in arrears with CT.

Picked that one up through my work with a few of the local letting agents / BTL landlords following the rollout of UC on the manor.

Add on the freezing of Housing Allowance / Benefit and one can clearly see where this is heading ... also covered in the main HOUSING thread.

The mental imperiment angle should work with the right benefits in play ... can only apply to your local LA in their prescribed way ... a standard form or through their web site.
Shropshire b****** council made me pay 20% ct this year ,did i mention they are B*******s?