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I read a lot - I also chair a Book Club with female and male members and it is a real challenge trying to suggest books that suit the whole group.

Our Group Read for December is 'John Marrs The Passengers'. What can I say? So many twists and turns. Great start - kept me totally hooked. Driverless cars/trial by social media/how does one define how person X's life is worth more than person y's?. Not going to give too much away.

Getting 18 people to read a book is quite a challenge so I make no apologies in asking a couple of members who have become friends to give me an opinion on the book before putting it forward to the group. Re the Passengers, one member said she should be off to the gym but was not going as she 'just could not put the book down'. Another stayed up mega late reading and read it in a day -unheard of for her. So hopefully it will work as a group discussion.

Well worth a read? I requested it from my local library for a fee of £1. But once I thought it would work as a group read, had to buy it.
Currently reading: The Investigator by Michael Knox (a Customs & Excise investigator) includes an account of Richard Branson's arrest at age 20 for Purchase Tax fraud (his one phone call was to his Mum "Mummy, I'm f****ed". :roll: also, The Corporation Wars: Emergence by Ken Macleod
I dont read much anymore but recently read the book titled Once in a Lifetime. This book is about a teen romance that ends in heartbreak and a single mom called Dani. I loved it and could not put it down.
Long Shot by Azad Cudi

I found this very interesting - an account of the (mainly) Kurdish volunteers who defeated ISIS at Kobani in 2014/15.
Currently read “American gods”. I had read some gaiman early in my life and decided to finally read this one. After that I’ll be retreading “The night circus” cause it’s my favorite book.