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Currently reading

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I have just finished reading Evil Games by Angela Marsons. very good.
I read quite a lot, nothing too cerebral, mostly stuff to take me off to another place, so, Science fiction, Fantasy, thrillers, and I try and have an auto-biography on the go in the library (loo), not usually about famous people or celebs, I like to read about ordinary peoples lives, I've read several goodies written by farmers, District Nurses and suchlike.

Currently reading (just started) Being a Beast - Charles Foster, The Enemy - Lee Child and I've just picked up from the library a new Alastair Reynolds - Elysium Fire, (and a few more). :)
Just finished Sally Magnusson's The Sealwoman's Gift.
Loved it. Well told story of Icelanders kidnapped into slavery in Barbary in the 1600s
Weaves sagas, cultural differences , relationships, history and travel into one really good story
Hi ,just started Walkabout by Bill Bryson ,two books in one edition .
A walk in the woods ,about Bryson and his friend walking the Appalachian trail .
And Down Under ,about his trip to Australia ,
David c
I read a lot of Bill Bryson when he first start publishing but got a bit repetitive. You have reminded me that maybe I should read him again
I have read those, David.

I have finished The Intrusions, Shav Sterez which I really recommend if you like crime/thrillers. You will never look at a computer or the internet in the same way again.

For something completely different I also enjoyed Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere, a US writer, writing about race, family, motherhood, a very easy read. Was on New York Bestellers list for ages.

Need to find something new now
I can really recommend Lucinda Riley's "The Seven Sisters" books - there are 4 out so far

The Seven Sisters
The Storm Sister
The Shadow Sister
The Pearl Sister

I'm avidly waiting for the 5th in the series (The Moon Sister) which is due out in November this year - there will be seven books in all, but each can be read as a complete story in it's own right.

Based on the mythology of the Seven Sisters star constellation the books tell the stories of 6 women adopted individually by a mysterious wealthy man known as "Pa Salt" - when he dies he leaves each woman a letter and a clue to her origins; each book tells the story of one of the 'sisters' and her search for her origins and heritage.
Have just finished Hold the Line, about local man who was a telecommunications engineer in WWI. It explained about his life and travels before 1914 and about what happened to him after the war ended. Another book about WWI which I couldn't put down.
His name is Rowland Hill - NOT the man who introduced postage stamps, but another man of the same name. He came from Cressage, David C.
Exhibiting at the steam rallies does wonders for my reading chances!
Just finished "The Queen of bloody everything" by Joanna Nadin and recommend it. Good story, easy reading on one level but with many hidden references to childrens literature. A trip down memory road

Helena, it would be a good book club book
As Logan napped, I finished my library book. I need some new book and movie recommendations. What would you recommend for a 22 year old adult?