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Currently reading

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Thought it was about time we resurrected this topic

I've just finished ""The Girl in the Red Coat" by Kate Harmer it's about a little girl who goes missing from a fair, but not scary or horror. I liked it because it took me somewhere I didnt know much about. I would recommend it

I've also just finished "History of Wolves" by Emily Fridlund. This one took me to the far north of USA and was an intriguing read. Also recommended

In fact looking back there are similarities between the 2 books... but I'll leave you to found out what :D

P.S. I still haven't finished the Mindfulness book mentioned a lot earlier in this thread. Every time I pick it up I soon fall asleep, so it's having some good effect, even if not the intended one :lol:
I am currently dipping in to Ronald Dahl’s complete,short,stories, volume 1. I only found out recently that he wrote for adults, and in fact, if you are old enough, you will have watched some on TV, as ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.

The first section of the book were short stories written about being a pilot in WW2. Now I am reading tales with little twists!
I think I read hisTales of the Unexpected many years ago. I'll look out for them again. :)

Another 'Blast from the past' I just reread was "The L-shaped Room"by Lyn Reid Banks. Fascinating reading it after a gap of at least 40 years. How attitudes have changed. It was ground breaking in its day dealing with pregnancy out of wedlock -hardly heard of back then. No benefits to fall back on either. The language was interesting too-I don't think many books today would mention 'sophistry' for example
I usually read in the school holidays but haven't managed to concentrate enough to get into anything this Easter. Hopefully once the kitchen is boxed up, moved and stored I might be able to focus to read something before I go back. It's excellent escapism, when it happens.

I also like dipping into poetry, and use thePoetry Society website, poetrysociety.org.uk .
Just finished Blitzed by Norman Ohler ,about the use of drugs in the Third Reich .
Started Nomad today .
I am half way through "What matters in Jane Austen?" by John Mullan, a must for any Jane Austen addict, and "In the shadow of Agatha Christie" by Leslie S. Klinger, classic crime fiction by forgotten female writers 1850 - 1917. Then I have two piles of books waiting to be read, when I have the time!! In between, I knit and sew, have two sewing machines on the dining room table so I can sew whilst both mothers watch/sleep during Emmerdale and Coronation Street which does not appeal to me!
I have always loved reading but now I hardly have time, there is so much to do. I used to read for an hour in bed before going to sleep, now I'm too tired. I have just finished Great Canal Journeys by Timothy West its only taken me since Christmas! I don't have time to go to the library or to shop for books. Can't remember where my Kobo is!
Just finished jodi piccoult latest. Now on Michael robotham the secrets she keeps. Not read any from him before, seems ok so far.
I like Jodi Picoult too. She takes moral dilemmas as her theme. I often wonder if she will do one about caring, but she's American and its different over there with far less social care and much more private insurance