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Council Rubbish Uplift

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My general rubbish collection was yesterday and I always put the bin out the night before...... I take out the bins of 2 elderly neighbours as well. On collection day 5 mins after the truck had been I went out to put all the bins back, but could I find mine ? no. ........The truck had emptied my bin rubbish an all including the bin itself.........yes it fell in the truck...........hahaha......... couldnt do anything but phone the council for a new one...........lo and behold I had a new one by 8.30 am this morning ........ nice one local council.

Mags Image
Hello wee mags.....nice to see you again.

Your council are certainly on the ball. I do the bin duty here too for our upstairs neighbour and also put in for next door to save it blowing down the hill and damaging the car. Left to them they would need a new bin every week!

It is always a lovely surprise when the local authority get it right.xx
Sounds like a load of rubbish to me!! Image

Seriously, tis a good 'un.
Our collectors will take a bin if it's broken/cracked/damaged but I just wish they'd tell us. We have to first hunt around for it in case it's been placed elsewhere or nicked (yes, people nick wheelie bins round here!!) and THEN after realising it's "bin and gone" do we contact the council for a new one. Replacements seem to take anything up to two weeks here!

What annoys me with our collections is we have 5 (Yes FIVE) bins. We have a grey wheelie bin for all general household rubbish that do not fit into the following and remaining four categories.....
A brown bin for garden waste. This includes hedge cuttings, grass cuttings etc. (It used to include wood of any sort but they stopped that. We now have to take wood to the local tip!)
A Red Box for all cardboard and paper.
All card must be cereal box size or less. Anything larger will not be taken. This means any large boxes from household appliances or furniture has to be cut up to cereal box size and placed in the small red box. This soon fills it up! Or taken up the local tip.
A Blue Box for all glass jars, tins, bottles and plastic containers.
A Food Bin for ALL food waste, including tea bags, potato peelings etc.
This means that we have to have something in the kitchen to place teabags and peelings etc. in until we take them out to the food bin. Yuk!
Anything placed next to any of the bins/boxes will NOT be collected. (They MUST be IN the bins/boxes with the lids closed, else they can refuse to empty them!)
They are also now talking about fines for people who place (for example) food waste in anything but the Food Bin, paper and card in anything but the Red Box, etc. Jeez!
At least your council replaces the bins gary. My daughter had one of her bins nicked and she had to pay for a new one
There is a huge market locally for nicked bins, I had to pay £20 for a replacement bin when we moved here because the bin had been nicked whilst we had work done on the property, when I needed to upgrade to a larger bin I had to pay a further £45, I did try telling the LA that this was a tax on disability but they still charged me Image . At these prices it is hardly surprising that people with a dodgy entrepeneurial spirit have found that nicking bins and selling them below LA price is a nice little earner Image .

And then there is the mini-arsonist who lives behind us and who at six years old has decided that setting fire to wheelie bins is lots of fun, I am now considering chaining my bin to the wall and keeping a fire extinguisher beside it Image .
Glad they remedied their error so quickly.

We have a grey wheelie bin for household rusbbish but cans and glass go in a brown box, plastics in a white sack, paper in a green bag and food into small bags they give you which you then put in a brown lidded bucket! They collect weekly apart from the big wheelie bin so by the time its wheelie bin day I am jumping on it to squash the rubbish down lol usually it stinks as well as I use sachets of cat food!