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Shingles, help/advice please

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On the 26th of Jan I awoke with a dreadful aching in my right side, it got so bad I went to the hospital walk in centre and a Dr said it was my gall bladder. My Husband took me to hospital again as I was in agony and I collapsed in the waiting room. The next morning I was taken to hospital by ambulance I was in sheer agony! After several test that come back clear we were very worried about what it could be. I then felt prickling in my side and ask my Husband to look and there was a rash; the Dr confirmed shingles and I was given aciclovir for 7 days.
I am in a lot of pain and discomfort and was given painkillers to help control the pain but I haven't responded well. Night time is the worst and I can't sleep due to the discomfort.
Can anyone give any advice as to what I can do to help ease the pain. I've never experienced anything so nasty in all my life.
What I forgot to add above was yesterday both of my ankles were swollen?
Shingles is from the chicken pox family so things like calamine lotion and trying to cool the local area (and keep cool generally) can help reduce the inflammation a bit. Unfortunately it tracks along the nerves therefore the pain is harsh. I don't know your medical history so can only advise broadly to take the painkillers you were given(ibuprofen may help the inflammation better than paracetamol however you must check it is safe for you to take), Use the cream as prescribed, Rest, drink plenty of fluids, use natural fibres (cotton not nylon) clothing. For the swollen ankles "raise your legs higher than your heart" i.e. lie on bed or sofa with ankles up on pillows/cushions. Remember to support behind the knees or your legs will ache.
The following website has more: http://www.webmd.boots.com/skin-problem ... ngles-skin
the medication your HP gave you will stop the virus spreading. My elderly Mum got shingles last winter. She said her arm ached and she didn't feel well and then I noticed two tiny water blisters on her upper arm and realised she had shingles. She went straight to GP who confirmed it was shingles and he put her straight on same medication.

I'd say rest as much as you can, drink plenty of fluids and use calamine lotion if you get itching. Mum felt poorly for several weeks and just kept in the warm and slept as her body needed. Hope you feel better soon. Xxx
I've had shingles but it was a long time ago. I only had a small patch on my side. Yes it hurts like hell, I remember that much. I was told at the time that it was infectious, but don't know whether that is still deemed to be true. Give in to it and rest. That's the only thing you can do, apart from previous advice. It does pass -honest. However don't be afraid to call in GP if the rash spreads further or you feel more poorly than the pain (mega ouch) warrants. Enjoy daytime TV!
They do a Shingles vaccination now, well they did up at our GP, my dad got it free, they said should cover you for life, dads 79 so will cover him.
Any elderly should look into getting the vaccination.
Thank you Elizabeth, Penny, Elaine and Royd for taking the time to post, your messages are very much appreciated.
I'm 60 and the free vaccine is given between 70-79. Knowing the pain and discomfort of shingles, why on earth isn't this vaccine given at 50 when they know more people are prone to shingles from then on!
My shingles are on my right side, under my breast and around my back. I cope of a daytime but night time is agony for some reason.
I don't respond well to pain medication this may be due to having Fibromyalgia! I'm taking 2 Amitriptyline each night which in time will help calm the nerve pain.
Whilst at hospital I was given morphine, a paracetamol drip and codeine but none eased the pain!
Like all Carers it's difficult to rest when one is ill but I'm trying to take things as easy as I can.
Why stop the vaccine at 79? I've had 2 of my professional clients with very nasty shingles one in her 80s and one in his 90s, as if they don't have enough to deal with at that age.
A paramedic said it was dangerous to be in contact with shingles if you were pregnant, but I always thought you only "caught" it as original Chickenpox and it lay dormant , often appearing as Shingles if you are under stress later in life.
I believed at the time that it was infectious in that it was passed on as chickenpox. If I remember rightly, I was teaching at the time and had to be off work until signed off because of infection, not because it hurt and made you feel really poorly.
Huegatort's dose is much worse than mine was and I'm wincing in sympathy. Tripple ouch.
I had chickenpox later in my life, i think it was in the early 90's when i got it, so i guess i got shingles coming later on for me.