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Hi all,
Sorry that I haven't written for about a year, it has been a very hectic and busy time, as most of you would have already known, unfortunately we lost one of our beloved dogs a few months ago, she had a immune system problem with her red blood cells and had to be put onto steroids which in turn had a bad impact on her Liver, she also broke her leg and lost a lot of muscle but couldn't regenerate due to the problems with the liver, eventually her liver gave up and had to have her put down.
My sister in law had split up with her partner and asked if we wanted one of her dogs, she is a very sweet Shi Tsu with Yorkie cross, but never stops barking and has to bark at everything, she then asked if we could look after another one of her dogs, which is a pure Shi Stu, he has got a lovely temperament so they are both brother and sister, they are so funny together, she annoys him and winds him up, then gets upset when he chases her around the house, they were playing a game of tug of war with a bonio, they never fight she just barks at him and her completely ignores her :lol:
This covid 19 has thrown everything upside down, my wife is too scared to go out as she has a low immune system and is scared of picking something up, so hygiene has to be kept very high inside the house.
We had a very quiet Christmas with just myself and my wife in the house.
How have all of you been keeping regarding the lockdowns, we are now in Teir 4.
Take care of yourselves Mark
HI Mark,
I'm just getting very weary of the whole Covid thing now.
My son with LD was locked down in his flat with just five hours support, that's 19 hours entirely alone. Inevitably, he was like a coiled spring when finally he could come home. No steam engine rallies to look forward to, all our usual activities cancelled. Some shows for next year already cancelled.
I managed to take my son to Devon for a week, really hard work, but decided to reward myself with a week of self catering with my sewing machine for company. Just paid in full when the next lockdown arrived, so no break!
Everything takes so long to sort out because of Covid. Son's fridge door "fell off" when I couldn't go and see it. Ended up buying a new one for him. When finally I got to see the "broken" fridge door, it was just the hinge pin that needed sorting, which if only someone had told me what was wrong, it would have been an easy fix.
My late husband was an engineer, my son is an engineer, both of them could mend almost anything. I'm the first to admit that mechanically I'm not much good, but having sold lorry spares for many years for a living, words like "hinge pin" and "flange" are things I know about.
Getting ready for Christmas has been tough, both sons and grandson here at the moment. I've made all the cakes, mince pies, etc. but the "joy" of Christmas is somehow missing. Living on the south coast, within view of the Needles on the Isle of Wight from our road, although not my house (unless I climb to the top of the chimney!) 70-80mph winds and lashing rain are now forecast for tonight.
I'll be glad to see the back of 2020 and have my fingers crossed for a much happier 2021!
I myself will be glad to see the back of 2020, same with our appliances, the washing packed up 6 times then the insurance company decided to write it off and got a new one, then the tumble dryer then packed up, they wrote that one off and after a lot of fighting with the insurance company, got a new one, NOW the bloody boiler is on the blink What next?
I'm glad you managed to get your sons back for Christmas, I know that it has been a real ordeal for many parents.
WE didn't get a Christmas tree this year as you say the spirit of Christmas has just slipped away, but made the best of what we have.
I do hope that 2021 will be a lot better, but we will have to see :unsure: