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Council housing

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For a while they said I was "unfit "to ask, when the council appointed auditor told me that under no circumstances should I pay invoices unless staff could account for £2,500 of missing or misspent money belonging to M. It's a long story, but I did as I was told. Had I paid this money I would have broken DWP rules. Maximum penalty 7 years in jail!!!
There were older units for the elderly disabled which do not comply with the regulations, i think some had to share a toilet and others were just old and worn out , did not pass fire regulations etc.
The Council decided to start from scratch, NEW buildings, bulldoze the old and replace.

So there is no problem filling the extra care units no problem at all, I have heard from carers that visit lovely building, i asked about the size of the flats but they weren't allowed to say confidentially rubbish.
The first unit was full before the first brick was laid.

So no problem at all filling, but basically you need 20 units, my town is a very nice place, lot of elderly so the demand outstrips the supply.

But what you are supposed to do is sell your nice big house, one lady i know just sold theirs for £900'000 (not joking) and buy a unit in one of these facilitys and use the rest of the cash to pay for your care.

I keep meaning to pop down and have a look or ring up and ask about these extra care facilitys would have been ideal for my caree who died last year, he needed night care.
But not sure about the charges and who would pay if you had no money?

Paid carers we live in very small flats, literally 4 rooms, one carer going out couldn't find the front door, one of the friends in the lounge shouted out "its the door with the letterbox"

They employ carers, minimum wage, no experience necessary, but if you are dealing with very ill, disabled people or dementia or learning difficultys surely you need qualifications and experience, NOPE.
There is a top class carers organisation, they DO INSIST on minimum 2 years experience AND qualifications but do pay £17 an hour, more if night time. I think they charge about £40 an hour, naturally the council don't use them too expensive.

I think the new paid carers just have no idea about caring, sit with old ladys, make them a cup of tea, its a lot more than that and many quit, as Bowlinbun says you can get better wages any other job , delivering pizzas, working in a bar, you get tips as well.
Another property in the village came up, we bid on it and was shortlisted but not offered to my daughter. things are very tense here! I emailed the council to ask why we weren’t offered it and who can be more priority than someone in the priority band.

The council are now saying she has never been in the Priority band but is Band 1 which is next down. That is a load of bull because I reported that on here to you all.

I have been through my emails but cannot find anything that backs up my claim. I have contacted them countless times reminding them that she is in the priority band and they have never corrected me until this week.
Penny, time for a Subject Access Request on behalf of your daughter? I smell a rat???

What is the criteria for going on the Priority list??