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Council housing

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Looks like good news might be on the horizon! Had a phonecall from the lady running the charity and she has liaised with both the council and social worker and has managed to get them to put daughter in the priority band. the council now have everything they need (including photo ID) should a property become available near us. Social services will then put in a support package. I can’t believe things may be moving forward after nearly 4 years.
Good news indeed , Penny.

Fingers crossed it's not a tower block ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:35 pm
Good news indeed , Penny.

Fingers crossed it's not a tower block ?
No tower blocks around here Chris! Very rural. :D
Same on my manor ... socially rural going by what passes for the locals ... and no potential , concrete , roman candles.
Penny, the best Christmas present ever?? Hope it all works out.
That is good news Penny!
I have 29year old son who has 24 hour care from me and family I'm in 3 bedroom house but have to have easy acess housing he takes seziours every day so no stairs and wet floor shower is a necessity thankfully I have an a nurse who helps with him she wrote a letter as the council had said I'm not a priority but once she sent in her letter I've now been put up to priority so Hopefully in new year we will get a move.
How are things this week?
Knocked back again! We had an email from the council to say that even though my daughter is classed as priority things have changed from 23 March due to the Coronavirus.

Homeless people, street sleepers, sheltered housing people and women from refuges will all be given more priority than her now! It’s such a shame because there is a lovely little one bed flat just 10 mins walk from us which has been empty for weeks. it would be absolutely perfect for her but they say she cannot apply for it.

It is really hard to explain this to her and she is in a foul mood now which makes my life very stressful.
Update! daughter and boyfriend have a phone interview tomorrow and if that goes OK I believe they will be invited to view a 1 bed house!! It is on a new build site where there are big private houses, some shared ownership and some housing association. They have been waiting over 4 years so fingers crossed. Their’s is housing association.

It is in the next village to us and about 8 mins drive along country lanes. My only worry is that it will be very strange for my daughter being on her own all day when her boyfriend comes off furlough. She can’t drive and there are no buses at all and no shops there. I can see myself being just as busy ferrying her about to be honest. But hey ho it’s a brand new house! The rent is very affordable too.

The council kept pushing them to think about private renting and didn’t seem to understand that they couldn’t afford private rents so I am glad we hung on.

The flat which I mentioned above in our village would have been 100% perfect but they gave that to a homeless man and the other flat went to a person who hardly lives there at all. From there she could have walked to our house in 5 mins if she was anxious or upset.

Will keep you posted. Fingers crossed!