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Having a moan!
I will never update my tablet again ever!
Trying to do my online grocery for next week knowing I can alter it later on. Once again my debit card rejected. Not on the main computer upstairs which is ancient.
Checking and fretting on the tablet what's wrong. Seems I now have to tick 3rd party cookies.
This only seems to happen with Sainburys.
Cookies, at this rate I will be stuffing a whole tin down, then moan about my weight!!
Sorry for the rant. I'm not so patient these days. Especially when I feel even more stupid because of technology.
Technology is great when it's working and VERY annoying when it's not.

It's the same hassle when get sent a new credit/ debit card.

We have no say when school laptops are updated ... seems with each upgrade, things get more sophisticated but also more complex/ long winded. Need to relearn how to do everything.

Same here, I have found windows 10 an absolute nightmare, it keeps doing things to my laptop that make it so hard to navigate and use and removes and moves stuff.
I agree with all this. No1mum, I know there have been a lot of complaints about Windows 10, perhaps upgrades should become optional with the exception of security ones, shall we start a petition for a Parliamentary debate! lol
I installed Start is Back (there's also freebie Classic Shell that does much the same) which restores a lot of Windows XP/7 like appearance to Windows 10.

I'm generally quite happy with tech (bit of a nerd) but I just looked at Windows 8 and Windows 10 and decided "nope" so reverted them back to how I like them. I even have my quick launch menu back. :D
I've got Windows 10, but to all intents and purposes my IT guy set it up so that it looks and behaves like Windows 7 or 8.