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Claims To Fame - Don't Want You To Get Too Excited But... - Carers UK Forum

Claims To Fame - Don't Want You To Get Too Excited But...

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Hi All

I don't really want you to get too excited but Pete Andre has been near where I work in Surrey. He was opening a new supermarket in Camberley.

For my Riverside Pub show - and please do pop in for a virtual drink and quiz - I'm after your claims to fame. Who have you seen who is famous?

Once saw snooker player John Virgo filling up his car with petrol.
How about yours? I'll read your posts out on the next edition of the show on:

Wednesday 3rd Oct 6-7pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

My Riverside Pub show is designed as light relief for Carers and their families. A time when Carers can come together.
My son met Coldplay backstage after one of their concerts thanks to the Willow Foundation. He also met Richard O'Brien of the Rocky Horror Show and Crystal Maze fame thanks to another charity - it was so many years ago now I've forgotten the name of it. He's met a number of musicians at various T in the Park's over the years including Example, Muse etc. We joke in our family about the number of famous people who queue up to have their photos taken with the famous Robert Watson lol. He's also met various politicians due to his current campaign for palliative care respite for young adults - such as Alex Salmond and Jackie Baillie and will be presenting his petition to the Scottish Parliament so will probably meet a lot more for his sins. Image
I met Princess Anne through a Carers group. She was very nice.
My elder son has met a few snooker players, Matthew Stephens, Willie Thorne, Dominic Dale and Joe Swail. My husband and son travelled in a bus with them to a charity event,Joe Swail and Dominic Dale were BRILLIANT. They allowed my son to carry their cues!
My son would be green with envy at your son Eun, meeting Richard O'Brien.
When I was 7,Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales,and Pat Phoenix(better known as Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street),opened our street party. I still have her signed photograph.
My granddad, who was a tailor, use to make the flowery trousers, in fact all their stage clothes, for the 60's pop group Dave, Dee, Mick and Titch Image

Last week our grandson met the French football legend Zinedine Zidane, at Wembley and the Britain's Got Talent, winning dance group Diversity Image
Just last week I met Jeremy Bulloch (from Summer Holiday, and as Boba Fett in the Star Wars franchise): he came to a fundraiser with his lovely wife - a true gentleman.
We did a Morris dance for Sugs and his missus at Whitstable harbour a few years ago!
I'm keeping out of this lol Image
I wonder why Nilla. Image(I can remember really, your secret is safe with me). Image
Image Image
Loving them all so far - keep them coming Image
Does going to play with Shakin Stevens' son - we were 10 - count?