Christmas is different these days

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We have our Christmas tree in place but not decorated as yet. David was hoping our three offspring here would do the deed, but so far they’ve only succeded in getting the decorations down from the roof space and untangling the lights.

BB, I might have been past your house, en route to Beaulieu House, or whatever it is called. It’s lovely in that part of the world

Hi Gilli, I was Special Visits Organiser at the Motor Museum for a while, but gave up when I was expecting No.1 baby. The current Chief Engineer there was an apprentice when I worked there, and the other workshop engineer knew my OH very well, as they used to work for the same man. My OH was invited to be an engineer there too, but the pay was dreadful, so he declined!
bowlingbun wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:23 pm
Don't start packing yet!
Can we start yet, please? :lol:
If my eldest didn't live with me, I decided long ago that I would turn his bedroom into a guest room for carers or widows in need of a break and a bit of TLC.
Before I'm inundated with bookings, there is absolutely no sign of my eldest ever leaving home again.
:(From me as well! The thought of your lovely scones cheesecake etc and company is very enticing.
Yes, and I had a pile of sewing repairs ready to bring too... :(
I though Bb might have a few minutes to spare between attending to our every need ;)
That sounds like an interesting job, BB. I don’t blame your hubby for not taking a job there if the pay was so bad. I have visited the area twice. My husband was attending a BMA conference in Bournemouth on both occasions and the BMA very kindly organise trips for ‘Acompanying Persons’ at these events. On both the Bournemouth visits we went to Bealieu and the Motor Museum and I think we all loved both.