Christmas is different these days

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I used to love Christmas when my husband was alive. Now it's Christmas without the Happy.
Sorry to hear that Bowlingbun, it must be very difficult. You have had a lot to deal with, my heart goes out to you. You’ve helped so many people, both in your life and by giving advice and support to carers on here.
I understand that BB. Feel the same, with my lovely hubby in his dementia world in the nursing home. Like you I try for the family, although they all feel deprived of him. 8 year old grandson is feeling it as he realises now grandad won't be coming home. His friend's grandad picks him up from school and L would love that.
I've swopped "happy" for "content with what I have". I still have much to be grateful for, and regularly "count my blessings".
I see every day as a bonus which I nearly didn't have. I had a potentially fatal illness a few years back, and then nearly died in a car crash, saved only because I was driving my husband's Range Rover (which was shortened by over 2 feet and written off!) rather than my Escort.
As a result, I ended up having two knee replacements some time later, I'm grateful for the ability to walk pain free again.
My home is warm and cosy, the mortgage is a thing of the past, and the boundary to the New Forest National Park is the white line on the road outside my house, so it's a beautiful area to live in. I'm OK financially, thanks to an inheritance from my mum who I cared for. As long as I'm careful, can afford to go to Crete on holiday, and often think "Thanks Mum".
Next year could be interesting, as our closed down pub is about to reopen as a "community pub", my eldest son and I are both "shareholders". As a single woman in a rural community there's not a lot of social life here, but the pub committee are now looking for volunteers during the day to help with various projects. I drink very little, but I'm friendly and happy to turn my hand to most things.
It's easy to dwell on things we don't have, but much better to appreciate what we do have.
While Christmas is especially difficult for those who have lost , or are losing, someone , I do find the relentless marketing to make it the 'best Christmas ever' turns the whole thing into an unnecessarily over-hyped stress-fest.
How many variations on a mince pie do we need, for heaven's sake?
Agree entirely. We have the same menu every year. I got carried away one year and wrote it all out, complete with a poinsettia border. It varies only slightly. Sometimes we have a chicken, which I prefer, or a turkey crown, which No.1 son prefers. Sometimes I've threatened just to do the chestnut stuffing balls, forget the bird altogether! We've never got enough room left for mince pies and Christmas pud, so I make the mince pies beforehand and leave them uncooked in the freezer, for whenever we want. At some stage we will have a lemon cheesecake, again frozen beforehand. I made the mistake of working out how many calories were involved, and now it's strictly special occasions only. 10oz of digestives, 5 oz butter, a can of condensed milk, 10 oz Philadelphia, but it does have the rind and juice of 3 lemons that might contribute to the 5 a day?!
My biggest objection is TV depicting the big extended family celebrating Christmas together and the only other depiction is the total opposite ie poor Dot Cotton alone with her cat and feeling forgotten.

S is very influenced by the TV and wants the whole big gathering thing and if you are feeling lonely then the media makes it worse.

The diversity of Christmas should be featured - one size doesn't fit all.

I agree. My lovely bone china dinner service sits forlornly in the dresser. I don't even have a dining table in the dining room any more, it's now my study. I used to spend ages polishing the silver, the glasses, even starching and ironing a white damask tablecloth about 8ft long for the fully extended table. Now we just eat at the kitchen table.
Cheer up everybody..........
.........In 18 days time it will all be over ! :D

Then the damned Easter eggs will be hatching out. :D :D
Albert_1604 wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:37 pm
Cheer up everybody..........
.........In 18 days time it will all be over ! :D

Then the damned Easter eggs will be hatching out. :D :D
:lol: :lol: :lol: