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Favourite panto/panto character - Carers UK Forum

Favourite panto/panto character

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Looking forward to my panto on Saturday, rock n roll Jack and the Beanstalk in Leeds.

My favourite panto character has to be Cinderella.
Mine's the Snow Queen
I'm jealous, No1mum. I've never seen a real pantomime. I have seen a couple of videos, though, and liked Julian Clary as the fairy or godmother or something in Jack and the Beanstalk.
Hi Koowla

I've never been to a panto either, if what you mean by panto is grownups being paid to do it. I was referring to school kids xmas school plays; same difference. I've seen loads of those.
I was the cook in Dick Whittington when I was 8. Some girl, who played the cat, had been dead nasty to me and I was determined to get my revenge come opening night.
Brandishing my rolling pin I had to yell, "Drat! Where is that drat cat?"
Drat cat came bounding up to me. I had to pretend to hit drat cat three times with my rolling pin. Only I didn't, I really walloped her with it, in front of an audience of kids, parents, relatives, nuns and local priests. Her yowling was for real!
I got a right rolocking for it afterwards, but it was worth it; Judith Davitt (I just remembered her name) and her pesky pals left me alone after that. I knew full well even then that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but it doesn't have make you feel a lot better, though.
I also had to sing a solo despite having the worse voice in the school. My solo was so awful I bought the house down. The audience thought I was singing so badly deliberately as some kind of comedy turn. I wasn't, it was for real. I had to sing "What the eye don't see the heart don't grieve about, what's the point in worrying at all...."
my wildly exaggerated accompanying gestures, and me scrunching my face up every time I hit a bum note (nearly all the time) probably had something to do with my inadvertent success.
The Snow Queen was a school xmas play put on by my brothers' secondary school. It was the most magical panto I'd ever seen. If a Snow Queen panto is on in my are, school play or 'proper panto', I'm going to book tickets for it.
Thanks No1Mum for idea.
Ugly sisters.
The only time I've ever done drag. Image Image
I spent many years taking 40+ schoolkids to see the pantomime and it has to be Peter Pan.......scared them all half witless! Image Image Image Image
I like Aladdin best - the costumes are always magical
Its got to be a proper pantomime though, with the principle boy being a girl and the dame a bloke in drag, with lots of audience participation (oh yes he did, oh no he didnt, boo hiss, its behind you), chase scenes up and down the aisles and children roped up onto stage to "help"
Im Taking Lil man to see Jack and the beanstalk on monday , new theatre for us as we moved so hope he copes. x
Scally, photos, please, pretty please!