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Hello & I hope that all of us carers are well. I am not sad that Christmas is over with. Its been tough as it always is. Not very much time to really relax. But there we go. All I have to do is get through into the new year which again I am not keen on. I also am not well, as I too have OA of hips & knees. And looking after my hubby at times isnt easy for me. We have no children. We have a lodger who is utterly lazey and I had to cook our xmas food. But when will I ever learn. 2017 is going to be our year and I am making sure that people stop taking advantage of my generous & caring nature. So sorry to rant. Happy New year regards Amanda
Well, good for you Amanda. As New Year's Resolutions go that one sounds very positive. Hope I keep mine. (Lose weight, stop trying to do 'chores' all the time, do something I enjoy once every day).
Happy New Year!