Cheeky Chops let's do the route 66

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You can 'kick' start this time. Let's get the show on the road :lol:
Hiya Chuckbutty, where to start.........the beginning is too far back and the bit in between is long gone and sometimes best forgotten, the now is making a decision as to what transport? A motorcycle or car, I do love motorcycles and since its route 66 it would have to be a Harley, very breezy at times, out in the open, intimate for two up, but could be hard on the "seat" and legs, nice way to go though, a car, again american muscle, Mustang soft top, with air con, gets very Hot in Nevada.......

Anyway bags packed, we can decide later............are we using the "ship" to cross the atlantic?

see you soon Chuckbutty xx
Hiya Cheeky Chop,

We sure are using the 'ship...& I think we'll stop off at 'Clogs Paradise' for a coffee & some 'space cakes' so we're not hungry on our way over the 'pond', I think there's a landing pad close to I've heard lol...I've decided I'm off over to the Land of Clogs, Van Gogh & Tulips in August (25 pounds per person return on a deal) there's some wicked festivals going on...lots of them. Could stop off to do them on the way to the route. What do think Cheeky Chops? ... ysteryland


Deffo the Harley Cheeky Chops Xx


Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man...........good movie Chuckbutty xx
Noidea55 wrote:Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man...........good movie Chuckbutty xx