Charm's Cats

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Honey Badger wrote:Need to go to the opticians.

I misread "cats" as "cuts" and was taken aback slightly when instead of seeing some bizarre and unusual hairstyles to be presented with pictures of cats

They are cute though. Miss one of our cats that was PTS couple years ago (got old/sick), they say nothing smells more like you than your feet, and well.. this one loved feet. Especially when you kick off your boots and your feet are heaving!
(I've got big feet and I know they stink after being on them for 20 hours)
We used to joke he had been on magic mushrooms because he would try and climb into slippers :)

Kitties look very well looked after
Hiya Honey Badger, Oh don't worry that's understandable I'm always misreading stuff:) Yes, it's always sad when they pass as they all have different personalities and little ways. The feet thing they do like feet. I had one who was a stray and he wasn't very tame...He would dive at legs going down the stairs and dare you to look at him down the side of the chair he would jump up and almost take your eye out with his craws...He was cute though:)
helena_1512 wrote:What lovely pictures.

My cats are my world! My eldest is 14 and my youngest 18 months - they are all Norweigan Forest Cats and I breed occasionally.

I have enclosed a picture of my Montrachet as a baby! He and his 3 sisters were born in my arms - I bred his mother and his grandmother and they are still with me.

Mont is the most gentle and loving cat. His sisters Valentina, Dark Angel (Maddie) and Princess Grace are all lovely. They are such great companions. I do have a cat enclosure and am having it extended with climbing frames although the cats live inside I do like them to have access to fresh air in a safe environment. My first litter were 9 yesterday and still all with me thankfully - all neutered and living life as beloved retired show cats.
Oh Helena, what a beautiful boy. I wish I'd of had a cat enclosure after what happened to some of mine. I adore cats and they me also:) I love dogs and all other animals too.