Cat flaps in UPVC doors ,and double glazed windows .

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Hi ,our housing assoc said i can't put a cat flap in our UPVC front door because it would weaken it ,seen some people on youtube doing it so i am confused .
If i can't do that thinking of having one put in the bathroom window ,we are on the ground floor .
A mate of my nephew said he would do it for £40 ,he puts doors and windows in for a living .
I think it involves replacing the D/G window with another one .
Got a flap in the inner front door ,i want one flap that lets them in and the other one to let them out .
I've got a UVPC door and I don't thjink a cat flap is possible - I think the bathroom window sounds better. I take it you can't just leave it open a bit, eg, with a window lock such that it can't open any wider than moggy can fit through (and they can fit through quite narrow spaces!)

I once seriously considered creating a cat flap for the ventilation horizontal shaft that had to be put in when I opened up the fireplace (despite the fact that my living room has ONE WHOLE WALL that is patio doors...oh no, building regs thought I would choke to death on the CO emissions from the fire, unless they excavated a six inch by six inch through hole in the wall....bah bah bah)I(I've sealed it over with cardboard, otherwise a howling gale comes through as it faces due north - the patio doors face south west so no problem opening them....)
David, I fitted a cat flap in my UPVC door for my first cat. I have had several cat flaps in the same door over the years - (started with an ordinary one, then a magnetic one, then several infrared ones, now a magnetic one again ... The changes were due to other cats and then the short life of the infrared ones.) The door is still fine. They aren't very substantial doors really though - basically a piece of foam with thin plastic on either side!

It's not worth breaking the terms of your tenancy over. If your nephew's mate can do a glass one, I'd go for that instead.

there are special cat flaps for double glazed units; the best ones are controlled by the cats microchips - you programme the cats' chips numbers in and it will only let your's in/out. You'll find a big selection on Zooplus (online pet emporium !). Cats don't normally need one to go out and one to come in, they're quite happy using the same one for 'in' or 'out' :)
If you move you might end up with a bill for a new door, mine cost around £1,000! That would make them VERY expensive cats!
Some cats won't use a cat flap anyway. They just sit there, annoyed, until you open it for them.......

Basically, cats just want you to leave ALL the windows and doors open ALL the time, so they can come and go whenever THEY please.

Owners should remember that thank you! (Or our cats may take their custom elsewhere!!!)
"Dogs have Masters. Cats have Slaves" ?!?!

I have a catflap in my UPVC door and it is fine. It just needs to be fitted properly. Not cheap to get it done properly. I think mine was about £60 from which has franchises around the country. They measured up, came back with a pane of glass with catflap fitted and swopped it over, all in about 30 mins. Very efficient.

Jenny is right though, whether the cats use it is another story. George uses it when his slave is absent. The rest of the time, he sits by the door and cries. Mildred is really too fat to use it :blush: Will go out by it in extremis but then can't get back in!
I had a cat flap put in my new upvc back door when I had it fitted. It had a lock on it so you could keep the cat in, I used it to stop the neighbours cat bullying my cats whilst they were eating. he beat the hell out of it and broke it off its hinges :)
My neighbour's cat wanders in and out as she pleases, eats any left over food going, then stalks off, tail in air. If I try to pick her up and put her outdoors boy does she kick off! My cat lets her do what she wants (though he's twice her size!) as he knows I'll just put down fresh food for him on demand.

I love him to pieces! He loves me when he's hungry.....

When he isn't hungry he can just walk past me like I'm not in the room......

He likes my company though. When I'm out in the garden he's often out with me, and when I've been sitting in the sun/shade this glorious weekend so has he. Very companionable. Very peacable. :)

PS - interesting you CAN put catflaps into PVC doors! But yes, would he use it, and I suspect he wouldn't, but the neighbour's cat would!!!!!