Carpet or hard flooring?

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I have laminate in the kitchen (essential with mucky cats bringing in half the garden) and oak flooring in living room and kitchen. Expensive but hard wearing and looks good. I do have rugs in the living room to bring in a bit of colour. Very easy to clean and sweep up. No vacuum required, which should please David. I only have carpet in bedrooms.
Hi ,Anne we have a type of vinyl in the kitchen ,it looks like laminate .
Some years ago, before my wife had her present disability, she persuaded me to have the kitchen floor redone as hard tiles. Previously it was lino-type material and had become stained.

This is a decision I have regretted. Breakages went up! A piece of crockery dropped on a lino floor has a little chance of survival, but no chance on a tiled floor. As for ease of cleaning - well the tiles themselves are easy to clean but the gaps between are a pain.

Now let us turn our attention from crockery falling to persons falling. My wife is not very mobile and needs sticks to get around. She rarely comes into the kitchen nowadays and if she does makes a great fuss about the floor being dry. She is terrified of falling, and for good reason.

For a kitchen I would go for lino or similar every time, probably on top of some underlay. Then if any person (or thing) falls it has a softer landing. And when it wears out it is easy to replace. Tile laying is skilled and tedious work.

Carpets are fine for bedrooms and lounges, but not for kitchens, where occasional spillages are an occupational hazard.