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Carpet or hard flooring? - Carers UK Forum

Carpet or hard flooring?

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Thinking of replacing carpet in our kitchen/family room. Currently have nice vinyl tiles in kitchen area and carpet in dining/family area.

Who has, or has had both, and can help me with advantages/disadvantages please?
I am very sensitive to noise, cushioned vinyl in the kitchen for practicality, carpet with deep underlay everywhere else apart from the bathroom.
definitely vinyl or stone tiles in the kitchen area - practical, hygienic, hard wearing and easy to clean (I've got glazed sandstone tiles in the kitchen). But, of course, unforgiving if you drop a cup or plate :o

If the family room is open plan with the kitchen then I think I'd tend to go for the same throughout for continuity (it will also make the space seem larger). The only problem in the family room area is that (a) any type of hard flooring does collect dust and (b) it would make a bigger area to be mopped !!!!

My niece has laminate flooring in her kitchen/family room but with their dog in and out of the garden all day long she says it drives her nuts continually mopping up his dirty paw marks :lol:
Our flat in Australia was hard floor throughout, I always seemed to be chasing dust.
The first Christmas we lived there (in a company mining town, husbands had to work) all the girls in our block of flats were invited to a neighbours from a Christmas drink, while the men worked.
I'll never forget sitting on her settee, glass in hand, then being asked to lift our feet up as the neighbour wanted to SWEEP THE FLOOR under the settee as she could see some dust!!!
Mrs A,
Personally I don't like carpet in the kitchen for hygiene reasons. An easily wipeable/ washable floor is best. We inherited quarry tiles which a lot of folk have admired but anything dropped smashes to smithereens (sp?) and a few tiles have now cracked and chipped :(

I had cushioned vinyl put in our bathroom. It's pleasant to walk on and easy to clean. The cabins we stay at are laminate throughout, practical, but not comfy underfoot or to sit on. I think I'd want a thick rug on top. My new hall, stair and landing carpet is hardwearing and apparently you can even use bleach on it :shock: ( not that I'd want to.)

I'd go for lino myself for cheapness just pick a good quality one as it lasts for years. Depending on the size of your kitchen a rug to break it up is good under the kitchen table. I would chose a darker lino though myself as lighter colours strain over the yrs and are harder to maintain. I wouldn't have carpet in the kitchen area either.
The kitchen already has hard flooring, I'm just wondering whether to do the rest of the ground floor too. Sorry as I didn't make myself clear :blush:
Has any one experience of having hard floor in hall and lounge too? Does it get noisy/echo?. Does it feel welcoming in the hall?
I quite like the look but want to know about practicalities
I have carpet in the lounge and dining room. Trouble is, it's fading, and obvious to me. DD 2 has wooden flooring, but she says it scratches easily, and shows up dust. It is quite echoey too, but she has a large rub down. Not much help I know. When ( and it will be an age yet) I replace, I think it will be carpet. I'm sure whatever you choose it will be lovely.
Carpet in the living area for me.
Carpet is the devils invention ,along with ,
microwaves ,
hoovers ,
and the Hanger Lane Gyratory System ,