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I have been on the cuppa online meetings several times.I have seen and heard most of them telling us how they have to look after their loved ones.I have the most admiration how they go through the most difficulty times . Yes , I am carer looking after the wife who is disabled with severe arthritis and has to have to have feet and ankle supports.Also corset from waist to chest support due to major surgery with discs removed and the rest fused together.Hazel does enable to get about the house with walking frame and mange to do limited amount of cooking in the kitchen. Most of the heavy pans and oven tray is down to me.Hazel uses an electric wheel chair when out and about when with car which does have hand held controls as as she can drive and hoist to put it in and out of the boot. There is round ring under the steering wheel and that is for acceleration electronically using fingers.(amazing how it has got so that disabled to enable for driving has got). Hazel can go to the town with her mobility scooter.The worst part is Hazel is very prone to severe chest infection and has to be hospitalized can take two weeks to get better. Three times found her on the bathroom floor and she has no clue where she is. Hazel can shower and dress on her own. We have a wet room with a shower chair. On the whole our daily living is very good and nothing to what some others go through. And often I think I am a fraud to be with others that have to go through.
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You are definitely a carer, how would your wife manage without you?!