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Have been having a silly look at Hello magazine online stuff and found a piece and photos about this RAP singer called Professor Green. He was in a car accident and his leg was crushed between two vehicles, he is in hospital of course, but otherwise ok apparently. Looking at the photos of him in his hospital bed, I noticed another hospital bed pushed up alongside his.
Apparently, his fiancee stays with him and sleeps in this bed, to look after him..... Image Image How does he need her to look after him all the time (does she have to feed him - NO. Does she help him wee - NO. Does she have to change his dressings on his leg - NO. So what exactly does she do that warrants her sleeping there? Does he really need her there to sleep next to him, he's 'only' got a crushed leg and SHE'S taking up a valuable hospital bed anyway.
Made me so angry, to think that I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to hubby's hospital bed 24 hours a day continuously for 10 days and nights. And was begrudginly given it in the first place.
Bl**dy celebrities.
Couldn't agree more Nana, when my Mum was in hospital once, the staff actually asked me to stay over night. It took them over 2 hours just to find me a plastic chair to sit in let alone anywhere to sleep. One rule for one eh?
With you 100% on this one Nananana! Absolutely crazy situation. I have been duty manager and ashamed to say that we had occasions when patients have been in A and E hours because there were no beds available and there they are with this lady taking up a bed which could be much better utilised. Image

Bell x
26th April mam, the old doll aged 90 + 24days = was in hospital for hernia op ingual/femoral we had to get into Newcastle R.V.I. for 07-30 we live some 20 miles away but as it was an early admission they could not provide patient transfer service , therefore lil ol me would drive her into hospital no problem re car parking free all day we used our own wheelchair and i pushed her onto the ward and then into the surgery suite not a single porter in sight ..it was agreed that as her carer i would be with her during the day her op was complete by 10-30 at lunch time they asked her what she wanted for lunch but they would not provide any luch for me ..had to use costa lotta down stairs .. the staff then asked if i, as her carer would be happy to take her home and look after her for the next 3 days and await the district nurse to check for infection on her wound .....which we did we were back home at about 14-00 same day ..without my support as her carer- number one would she have even been giving the operation at her age of 90 ? and without me who would have looked after her for the next 2 weeks ? the money i have saved the N.H.S over the last 17 years more then covers the carers allowance of £59 per week ..the op took place on dodgy friday...
Not right is it?

Look at the pics on Hello and you'll see the hospital bed pushed up against his. It's a disgrace.