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Hi guys,

I am new to the forum today, looking for some advice actually. I have been caring for my 90 year old gran, she has dementia, bad form too where everything she sees or hears is bad, it's really hard at times dealing with her emotions and behaviour. I have tried everything the doctors suggest with regards to the things she hears and nothing helps. I'm 31 the last few years have been challenging to say the least and after so many people telling me to take time out etc, I did, I met another carer and another guy who is really sick , we set up an online radio station to get away from it all, it was a fab way of relaxing and just getting away from our rather awful lives. This weekend we recieved 2 letters, one from global radio claiming copyright of our website, the other from a station group called Orion media claiming we have abused their name "GEM"

We never really thought about this being a problem, we had maybe 4 or 5 listeners at a time , they demand we stop what we are doing and give them our websites or they taking us to court! I am really in sure what to do, what we do/did was a hobby, I explained to one of the solicitors who seemed ok but didn't give a muck!

Any help would be great , we paid for licenses everything, we ran it from jan until Friday - we are all low income & now I feel what's the point anymore, it was my escape from bad times with gran and these big bod companies want to take that away just because they can!!

Any advice or help would be great

Best wishes
Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum Image
I care for my mum, not with dementia though she has other problems.
Sorry to hear about the trouble with the radio station, I'm sure it was a great ''means of escape'' from the caring.
There's lots of help and support here. Join us in ''roll call'' too in members corner. Its a good way to meet everybody. It's our way of having a little chat!
Take care,
Hi Aaron
I am sorry to hear about the radio station, it sounds a great hobby and way of getting away from it all. I can't offer any advice I'm afraid. Hopefully someone will be along who can.
take care
Thanks guys for the warm welcome & I will head to the other page to make myself known hehe. I'm more upset with all this as our spare time which is very little has been pumped into our station- non of us get out & it was our escape, bit sad really these big stations getting jealous or desperate. It's time us carers got more support and help in this big bad word, they treating me like a criminal, I've done nothing wrong - makes me sick! Aaron x x
Hi Aaron. I think you are not the first person to come unstuck with peoples claims over a name. Dont give up if it gives you so much pleasure. When you are a carer there is precious little that you can do all for yourself. What seems to happen is the new group changes their name and then everyone is happy Image Just double check (google it) that no-one has bagsied your new name already.
Hello Aaron and welcome to the forum Image

It sounds as though you need proper legal advice, probably someone versed in copyright law. However that's probably going to cost and arm and a leg so it's probably not a viable option for you - but if you want to keep broadcasting then it might be worthwhile looking into - otherwise I'm afraid to say that you will probably have to desist to avoid confrontation and expensive court costs.

Do you think you might find starting an online news letter/blog an interesting 'hobby' instead ?
Hi guys,

Well I am going to wait and see their reply, maybe they will show compassion, who knows, think we looked at the station as our escape plus the little money we get has all been spent on the station. I'm going to try the compassion side tomorrow, see where it gets me, they may have "hearts" ( no pun intended) with gran being up so early was going to get her on the breakfast show hehe. I've tried blogs n things, radio has always been my passion until this weekend, feel more depressed now than b4! That's life, I will rise from the ashes hege

Best wishes
Don't give up on your dreams Aaron. There might be another way to get back to what you were doing.
I would just change the name,if you don't have as yet a huge following then no big deal.
Annoying yes but thats life,the big boys protect their brands.
I also do a on line station on Blog Talk Radio,also have hosts that do their shows.
Never going to big a lot of money but its fun and gets the media profile up.
We are hoping to get the three quarter million listeners thes year,hit half a million last year,our first year.
So it is poss,just stick at it Image