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hello there, I am new to this so I just wanted to know a few questions I started caring for my nan who had bowel cancer on the 26th august 2016 still continuing. I was recently awarded carers allowance but I have no I idea if I will be backdated anything so I was wondering if anybody knows of anything I can do to have this backdated as I have lost out on pay due to taking the time out to look after a family member.

thanks in advance.
Hi Jordan , and welcome to the canteen as my old mates , Traffic , used to say.

A previous forum thread maybe of some assistance : ... ated-21912

If it isn't , just shout !!!

There's plenty of readers / posters who will hear.
thanks for the quick reply Chris, I have read them hopefully when I contact them tomorrow they do offer some type of information on if I will be backdated, thanks again!
Cheers !

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Yes George , up to our necks in it !!!