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Mrs A - but don't we already do that when we 'put them in a home' and drive away???

Maybe the brutal 'truth' is that WE have busy, busy lives to get on with - and 'they' do not any more..... ???
I can recall an essay assignment over a holiday period in 1970.

Title ... We all live in prisons of our own making. Discuss.

Around 16 submissions , no two submissions were that similar but the conclusion of all sixteen produced the same answer ... Yes we do.

Tutor was surprised by the sheer number of " Ologies " mentioned.

Zoology ? No points !
I don't see that's true, Chris! Most of us are not responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves - starting from our situation at birth. For some they are 'doomed' from the outset, whether that's because they are born to parents in a grim bit of the third world, or are disabled from birth, etc etc.

That said, I do think that given whatever we are 'given' we have (some) 'degrees of freedom' as to what we then make of the cards we're dealt in the life lottery.

BUT, it does raise HUGE questions on just how 'free' we are to exploit those 'degrees of freedom'. The old nurture/nature debate looms again. How our parenting (or lack of it!) teaches us what we feel about our lives.

One thing I wonder about is whether there is a 'gene for depression' (ie, 'nature') in some way. My bro and I are incurable optimists - always have been. Glass half full. Mustn't grumble, worse things happen at sea. Chin up and look lively. Onward and upward. etc etc etc. No idea why - it COULD be the result of our upbringing - unhappy-together parents and a mum with raging MH.....and my bro and I have just 'reacted' against that (as in, what is the point of us being depressed and having c*ap lives, since our poor parents weren't happy? Far better we use them to make ourselves happier!).

Personally, I can never see 'the point' of depression. It's just a waste of time and a waste of my life. BUT, is that because I just don't seem to have 'the depression gene'? Am I just damn lucky? Or have I 'personally conquered' the 'temptation' to see my life as depressing?

My SIL and niece are FAR more 'down' - I think my SIL has 'taught' my niece to be 'down'. But who knows. Maybe they just are cursed with the depression gene.

A friend of mine recently told me one of those 'memorable phrases' that stick with one. She said that for some people, 'there is always a problem for every solution'.

It struck me as VERY true. ....BUT, maybe they just can't help it?
PS - er, why is Zoology a prison? I don't get that! (tricky word to pronounce because of the double o not being a single sound, or is it?)
At that time , not quoting a least one " Ology " in one's argument was considered a flawed response.

A good example of the teaching profession at the time was portrayed excellently in the BBC series , The History Man , based of Malcolm's Bradbury'y book , based in a fictious newly built university in contrast to the traditional teaching in red brick universities.

At the same time in California , it was in the " In " thing , for those who could afford it , having one's pet analyst on a lead. A couple of really good films deplicting those times produced by Hollywood.

A time when both teaching and social sciences were floundering as to the way forward.

In the case of zoology , very difficult to fit in to any reasoning behind one's own notion of being in a prison of his own making.

Economically , I am in prison , of sorts , because , to really change my daily life , I need the resources to do so.

External factors aside , the real problems lie with the internal ones. Only the face that constantly taunts you can answer that one ... the same face that you see in the mirror.

In my case , my ugly , leering , twin brother ?
jenny lucas wrote:Mrs A - but don't we already do that when we 'put them in a home' and drive away???

Maybe the brutal 'truth' is that WE have busy, busy lives to get on with - and 'they' do not any more..... ???
I certainly haven't done that. I visit regularly ( It's a 5-6 hour round trip) and phone frequently BUT my bro and SIL are in at least 3 times a week and do all her laundry, money etc
However I am sure there are some who would willingly consign theirs to a Hulk
blimey....... Bahrain, takes me all my time to afford SKEGGY these days :D :D
Has many advantages so we are told.

Especially for those with assets / income , more than welcomed.

As for the rest of the 6 million or so , on yer bike !

On that point , the answer is still awaited but , fancy a bet ?

Probably some spare room on our incomes , with the camels no doubt ?

If they get fed and watered three times a day , a paradise for some of our readers ?

And no prepayment meters to be fed instead of you , it's rather warm out there.

If it does turn a bit nippy , I'm told that dry camel dung makes good fuel ... provided the natives don't charge you per shovelful ... and rent out the shovels ?

The British aboard have a nasty habit of teaching the natives their most dubious practices ... for a fee , of course !

Closer to home , a few surviving residents can recall their parents received a free bucket of coal at Christmas , with the compliments of whichever Lord owned the coal mine,